SEO for Small Businesses: 55 Facts to Know (Infographic)

SEO for Small Business

If you ever thought that your business doesn’t need to have a website, you should recheck that decision. Nine out of ten online purchases begin from search engines, which is impossible to reach without a website. A proper…

How to Improve Conversion Rate With Clever Widgets WordPress Plugin

Clever Widgets WordPress Plugin

How do you use the widget space in the sidebar, footer or other widget areas? Maybe you add a Recent Posts widget, Recent Comments, Categories, or an Ad Banner? Most people usually do. Which means regardless of which…

8+ Great WordPress Themes & Plugin Deals from DealFuel

DealFuel Deals

Are you looking for WordPress themes and plugins but do not want to pay too much? I have a great solution for your guys. What do you say if I tell you there are ways to buy great…

How to Create Beautiful WordPress Grid Galleries with Modula

WordPress Grid Galleries

If you have a ton of different images that you want to display on your WordPress site, displaying them in a gallery is the natural solution, right? But here’s the problem with most WordPress gallery plugins: While you’ll…

Loyalty Program – Innovation in the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

Templatemonster Cashback Bonuses

The possibility to earn cashback bonuses for purchases is not new. This is a habitual thing for a number of fast-food cafes, retail shops, and grocery stores. The ability to collect bonuses and spend them for the purchase…

Let Your Designs Stand Out with This Hipster Fonts Bundle

Hipster Font Bundle

Creating unique designs whether it’s a website, logos, flyers, merchandise, marketing collateral etc. is every designer’s goal. The more unique your work is, the more you stand out as a designer and the more clients you will have….

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