WordPress Multisite

Beginners Guide: How To Setup WordPress Multisite

The WordPress multisite facility allows you to set up multiple websites, using the same WordPress installation. It will work as the main network connecting all the sub websites and the admin can control all of them in one place. It also explains how much functionality…

Internet Laws

Top 10 Most Common Internet Laws Broken by Your Website Ignorantly

When you are coming up with a website, especially for the very first time, you may primarily focus on choosing a responsive template, getting an advantageous hosting service, creating qualitative content, and more. However, seldom do you may concentrate on internet laws, right? Honestly, such…

Why Social Media Plays an Important Role in Website Success?

Why Social Media Plays an Important Role in Website Success?

Social Media is one of the most used tools to make your brand visible and successful amongst the users. It has been the best ways to make the brand shine and making every single step into work. The importance of social media in a website…

WordPress Server Issues

How to Fix Most Common WordPress Server Issues

Website errors are common for many WordPress users out there. They happen from time to time where you Google the issue or ask a technician to solve it for you. However, the server faults can be comparatively harder to identify when compared to errors that…

10 Best Tools to Speed up Your WordPress Website In 2018

Page-loading times are extremely important for the success of your business. Take Amazon, for example. The company has estimated that a single additional second of loading time would end up costing them up to $1.6 billion in sales. Smaller businesses don’t have to deal with…

Adding Images and Videos

Editor’s Guide to Adding Images and Videos On Your WordPress Blog

Ever since the “Four Hour Work Week” came out, everyone wants to be an affiliate marketer. However, in order to be successful at affiliate marketing, one has to first become a successful blogger. When you search “how to be a successful blogger” on Google, you…

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