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SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

6 Actionable SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

There are a lot of misconceptions following the science of SEO in the digital marketing world. Being professionals, we often hear people saying that they don’t know which information is reliable from an ocean of content available online. However, the one advice I always give…

Amazing Freebies From Pixelo

10 Amazing Freebies From Pixelo You Must Get Now

Graphic design permeates several aspects of everyday life, now more than ever. On a daily basis, you encounter multiple design products from magazines, social media, and mobile applications. It has become a crucial part of business both in physical and virtual markets. But what makes…

WordPress Slider

Designing a Website With a WordPress Slider in Mind

Despite putting in the efforts to create something unique with a WordPress website, most of the times, people end up putting similar elements, but of course, in a different way. One of the most common and popular elements is a slider. Either you must have…

How To Add Google Tag Manager To Your Website?

How To Add Google Tag Manager To Your Website?

If you are a digital marketer or online business owner, you need to update with everything that can affect online marketing industry. It doesn’t matter what type of online business you have a personal site, an e-commerce website or a small business site, and it’s…

What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, the average person spends approximately two hours accessing social media platforms on their mobile devices. This is expected to increase as the platforms develop in the future, further exceeding the time spent on traditional media, most notably TV. Along with this shift, marketers have…

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