Record Impressive Expert Interviews via Video Calls

4 Ways to Record More Impressive Expert Interviews via Video Calls

Video calls are a convenient way to record expert interviews – for both parties involved. The only drawback is that in some cases the quality of expert interviews recorded via video calls may leave a lot to be desired and can look less than professional….

How to Start Taking Better Photos for a Website or Blog

How to Start Taking Better Photos for a Website or Blog

Blogs and websites have grown more and more visual over the years – and for good reason. Walls of text are seldom appealing, so it makes sense to use photos to attract attention and provide context while making their posts look much more attractive at…

Benefits of Explainer Videos

7 Benefits of Explainer Videos for Better SEO of WordPress Websites

WordPress is one of the most effective solutions available for web development and a lot of people from other platforms migrate to it using services like ones which convert Drupal to WordPress. The platform is ideal for using innovative strategies for popularizing the venture. One…

Adding Images and Videos

Editor’s Guide to Adding Images and Videos On Your WordPress Blog

Ever since the “Four Hour Work Week” came out, everyone wants to be an affiliate marketer. However, in order to be successful at affiliate marketing, one has to first become a successful blogger. When you search “how to be a successful blogger” on Google, you…

Optimize Video Content

3 Easy Ways to Optimize Web Design for Video Content

The popularity of video content is impossible to ignore, and more and more websites are starting to publish videos of their own to reap its benefits. That being said before you start to publish video content on your website, you should first try to optimize…