WordPress is the most legendary blogging platform in the world. In terms of accomplishment, world class websites like Glad, CBS New York, Harvard Business Review Blogs, and many more are designed in WordPress because it’s the best! There isn’t a single blogging platform that can come close.

Currently, there are over 29,000 plugins you can choose from. And the amount of progress WordPress has made in bringing blogging to new heights is truly amazing.

Below, we’re going to be listing the 7 Best WordPress Plugins Of 2017:


WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything.

WooCommerce – Surprisingly, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms available comes in the form of a WordPress plugin. It’s been downloaded 19 million times, and has a near constant subscription level of about 1.7 million active stores and growing. There’s no transaction fees associated with using WooCommerce alone, but charges you incur from 3rd party processors is your responsibility.


Secure your website with the most comprehensive WordPress security plugin.

WordFence – Protecting your WordPress website couldn’t be easier. With WordFence, you get multi-level protection, including: Brute force attacks, malware protection, file integrity checking, Web Application Firewall, Live Traffic View to view logged hacking attempts, and more. And with over 22 million downloads, WordFence is by far the most popular WordPress security plugin currently available.

And believe it or not, many bloggers out there aren’t protecting their website with a security plugin, when they really should be. With the amount of hacker activity, malware, spyware, and sensitive data that could easily be stolen, using WordFence is one more way you can use to stay as safe as you can.

All In One SEO Pack

7 Best WordPress Plugins of 2017

All In One SEO Pack – This is another WordPress plugin that’s got a huge following. With nearly 30 million downloads, the All In One SEO pack is at the very top of the WordPress SEO optimization category. Some of the All In One SEO Pack features include: XML Sitemaps, Canonical URL’s, Google Analytics, Google AMP support, Built In API for plug-in/theme expansion, Nonce Security, and more. It’s a pretty full-featured plug-in that provides lots of functionality includes you would have to download one at a time otherwise. There are also lots of tutorials to assist you with regards to configuring All in One and SEO in general.

Yoast SEO

Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO – Here’s another super popular SEO plugin. Yoast allows you to perform SEO on your WordPress site without having to be an expert coder. With Yoast, you get a full suite of tools designed to give you the highest rankings you can get. It makes the whole process of SEO optimizing with WordPress a stress-free experience. Some of Yoast’s features include: Breadcrumb functionality, page analysis, META and link elements, RSS optimization, social integration, Import/Export tool, and more.


Simple automated backups of your WordPress-powered website.

BackUpWordPress – Database and file backup can be done through WordPress itself, and all you have to do is add the BackUpWordPress plugin to your existing arrangement. This plugin works in both Windows and Linux environments don´t require any setup, works in low memory environments and allows you to include/exclude files and folders of your choosing. You can also have your backup files emailed to you if you choose. BackUpWordPress support team is there if you have any questions.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP – Keeping track of your Google stats is easy to do through the WP dashboard. Stats direct from the Google Analytics page is sent to your WP front end. From there, you can track individual pages, stats, and in-depth host reports. It’s also fully customizable, allowing you to set custom tracking dimensions.

This plugin saves a lot of time as opposed to having to load up Google Analytics in a separate web window. And it’s able to display most of what web users like to keep track of.

WP Easy PayPal Payment

7 Best WordPress Plugins of 2017

WP Easy PayPal Payment – Accepting PayPal payments and donations is something that many WordPress webmasters have a need for. The WP Easy Paypal Payment button only takes a few minutes to install, and from there the functionality is all yours.

Setting up your website to accept donations can serve a multitude of purposes, and many people are willing to give freely to support good causes. And if you’re offering an item for sale, the WP Easy PayPal Payment button works perfectly for single sales items.


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