One of the most effective ways companies can gain significant credibility without spending much money is through Google reviews. The advantages of obtaining Google reviews include the following:

  • Improved local SEO rankings.
  • Leveling the playing field.
  • Enhancing your online reputation.
  • Supporting mom-and-pop businesses.


AddStars tool

AddStars is a great tool that lets you collect and aggregate reviews from around the web and display them on Google SERPs. This is not a review platform or a review management platform but rather a tool that exclusively collects your reviews from multiple platforms across the web and bundles them together to display the total on Google Search results.

You can use it for yourself or give it to your favorite client, but either way, you’ll see how the AddStars white-label dashboard functions. This tool is excellent for marketing and web design agencies but also for developers as well. 


Even if you have dozens or hundreds of reviews distributed around the internet, they may be useless if your clients are unaware of them. Currently, AddStars compiles reviews from 12 international platforms.

You may increase click-through rates in Google’s organic results with AddStars. This is possible without coding, schema, rich snippets, or reindexing your page. You only need to add your unique ID on your website. Connecting your review platforms takes five minutes after you sign into your dashboard.

Key features include a White Label feature with dashboard customization, a reseller option, lifetime license packages at a fixed price, a WordPress plugin for adding your unique ID to any WordPress site, adding the AddStars unique code to any website header and footer, auto-indexing pings Google to re-crawl your website pages, access to all current and future review platforms, live chat support, business comparison, White Label assets, reseller dashboard, etc.


The plan in the linked offer gets you lifetime access to AddStars, all plan updates, and a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you dislike the tool for any reason.

The Single plan costs $69 for a one-time purchase and comes packed with features. It includes the White Label dashboard, White label assets such as emails, blogs, graphics, auto-indexing, reseller opportunities for your clients, affiliate program, all new features as they become available, no upkeep need, unlimited review platforms, compatibility with all website types, and a free additional license when you sign up.


A rotating reviews area on your website used to be the only place you could display the desired five-star rating. Today, Google has dragged these stars out of the background and placed them prominently on branded SERPs and elsewhere. Star ratings can increase conversions, boost local search ranks, and help companies gain the confidence of potential customers.

AddStars is an excellent and versatile tool that will help you collect and aggregate reviews from multiple platforms. The collected reviews can be displayed on Google SERPs as star ratings.

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