If you are looking to start a website and/or an online business, you will need to buy a domain name, which is the easy part. However, choosing which domain name to use can be quite difficult as lots of them are already taken.

If you don’t know what a domain name is, it’s your website’s address that allows people to find/search up your website. And since it is so important, you’ll need to come up with a domain name that is original, easy to memorize, good-sounding, and isn’t already taken.

Thankfully, many free domain name generators can help you find the best (available) domain name for your website/business. And taking into consideration the fact that your website/business revolves around its domain name, you should take your time and choose wisely.

Choosing a good domain name will also make it easier to advertise your website/business and allow search engines (Google) to properly categorize it in search results.

Before showing you the best domain name generator tools, I will explain what they offer and how they work.

Using Domain Name Generators

Domain name checklist

First of all, not all tools are the same, but most of them are similar when it comes to domain name generation. Usually, they require you to enter one or two keywords before you can begin to search. Some will offer multiple extensions (one of those being “.com”), but others might only give you one option to choose from.

So, if your website/business focuses on selling cars, you should try typing in “car sale”. Once you click on “search”, the tool should tell you what domain names containing “car sale” are available.

When it comes to extensions, the most common ones are .com, .net, .org, and so on. Plus, there are even localized extensions that are specific to a country (for example, “.co.uk”), which local businesses typically use.

If your desired domain name is available, you’re all set, but if not, then you’ll need to play with the search parameters until you find the one that suits you best.

What Are the Best Domain Name Generators?

1. LeanDomainSearch


This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to searching for domain names since Automattic, the company behind it, is responsible for creating the WordPress platform.

This domain name generator is extremely easy to use and usually comes up with lots of useful results.

LeanDomainSearch car sale domain search

So, definitely use this tool if all you have is a keyword or two that defines your website/business.

LeanDomainSearch Pros

  • Allows you to register domain names right away
  • Automatically checks Twitter for available usernames

LeanDomainSearch Cons

  • Unfortunately, it only shows available .com domain names

2. Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

This domain name generator was developed by Shopify, which specializes in eCommerce solutions. The best thing about this generator is that it is perfect for those who are interested in creating an online store. However, you can’t register a domain name with it if you won’t use the Shopify platform.

Business Name Generator car sale business name search

As you can see, it provides different results than LeanDomainSearch, which might be of use to you.

Business Name Generator Pros

  • Alternative to LeanDomainSearch
  • Allows you to build a Shopify (eCommerce) store upon choosing a domain name

Business Name Generator Cons

  • It only provides available .com domain names
  • You can’t just register a domain name without creating a Shopify store

3. BustAName


BustAName is a bit of an advanced tool as it offers multiple options. But, when using it, all you have to do is type in words relevant to your business and choose filter options.

What makes BustAName stand out is the fact that it packs the most features and shows various domain extensions, unlike other tools.

BustAName search results

It offers numerous results as well as different domain extensions, which some may find useful.

BustAName Pros

  • Offers superior filtering options
  • Lets you save domain names for later
  • Allows you to compare prices at different registrars
  • You can use their “Domain Maker” to come up with a solution if you run out of ideas

BustAName Cons

  • “Domain Maker” isn’t really that helpful
  • You can only place the seed word at the start or the end of your domain name

4. NameMesh


NameMesh is a great tool if you wish to combine multiple keywords as it allows you to use 2-3 of them. It can also suggest keyword searches if needed, which is a nice touch.

It shows results for each (selected) option and offers different categories. Plus, even though it is an advanced tool, it is still easy to use once you give it a try.

NameMesh car sale domain name search

It shows various available domain names under different categories and supports multiple extensions.

NameMesh Pros

  • Lots of creative domain names
  • Different categories make it easier to find a good solution

NameMesh Cons

  • It may show some domain names as available, while in fact, they aren’t
  • It takes just a bit more time to get used to

5. Impossibility!

Impossibility! landing page

Impossibility! is one of the most creative tools for generating domain names as it offers advanced options that allow you to highly customize the search process.

What makes it different from other tools of its sort is that it supports adding adjectives, verbs, or nouns to your desired keyword’s beginning or end.

Impossibility! car sale domain name search

It shows all unregistered domains that are available for purchase.

Impossibility! Pros

  • Highly customizable options
  • Great user interface

Impossibility! Cons

  • It only lists .com domain names
  • You can only use one seed keyword


Many domain name generators are out there, and even though all of them are similar, they will most likely show different results. So, I highly suggest using multiple tools to come up with the best solution, as having a variety of options makes it easier to choose.

Also, try to avoid using numbers and hyphens as they make it harder to memorize the domain name, and keep the domain name as short as possible.


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