A payment gateway is a merchant service that operates through eCommerce and allows you to select from various payment methods. It speeds up a payment transaction by moving data between the payment portal and the front-end processor or right bank.

Payment gateway assists merchants to establish eCommerce through sale payments from diversified payment methods. This gateway is a web server where you can connect to it as a provider of your service by your POS system.

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So, now we would like to show you the best payment gateways, we have listed the five best ones for you.

1. Braintree


Braintree is a complete billing system that includes a payment gateway, management of your (merchant) account, and subscriptions. Because PayPal owns it, it provides flawless consolidation with PayPal payments.

Braintree is great because it works in more than 45 countries, and the price is quite transparent. Per transaction, you will have to pay 2.9%, which is 0.30$.

2. Recurly


Recurly functions as an all-in-one billing system, this means that it offers more features for subscription management.

This billing system provides flexibility and features different billing models. However, it does not include a payment gateway or a merchant account. The reporting in all-in-one billing software is better, and it consists of an item catalog to help you keep track of your items.

3. Chargify


Chargify is also an all-in-one billing system for B2B. However, it is perfect for startups because this billing system focuses mainly on customer-oriented features.

Chargify assists throughout the customer purchasing cycle and is ideal for startups with multiple products and multiple types of customers. I guess Chargify makes you want to charge for your products and services with a customizable all-in-one billing system.

4. Fusebill


Fusebill is a full-service billing system that includes a payment gateway, merchant account, and subscription management, all on a single platform. It is ideal for both B2B and B2C startups. Fusebill provides versatile pricing options and a handful of diverse payment methods, allowing Fusebill as a billing system practical for big Saas startups.

Fusebill is highly customizable, allowing you to manage expiration, promotions, billing, and so on. Your customer will have a carefree shopping spree because of the ease of use of a self-service portal and check out.

The features of billing that Fusebill provides are computerized, inclusive of email communication, dunning management, and self-service portals. It offers QuickBooks and other gateway payment methods. Also, this makes Fusebill an ideal billing system for your Saas startup.

5. Chargebee


Chargebee is subscription management that provides the service that takes care of billing and SaaS subscription; they designed it especially for Saas subscription models.

It does not include a payment gateway or a merchant account. It does, however, support simple integrations such as Paypal, Stripe, Gpay, Amazon Pay, Giropay, Dotpay, Gocardless, and others. Chargebee is adaptable in custom pricing plans, accounts, and even pricing negotiations.

It includes tax management as also CRM integration. If your annual revenue is about 100k$, Chargebee will offer a free plan, and if your annual income is over 600k$, Chargebee will charge 0.6% of the monthly payment that crossed the limit.


To conclude, these are the 5 best payment gateways for Your Saas startup. It is all up to you now. You can choose from an all-in-one billing platform, or you can use different tools for your payment gateway, subscription management, and merchant account. However, choose wisely because a good billing system will generously help you in Your Saas startup future.


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