Finally, Black Friday is here! The long-awaited monster shopping event is today. Every year in an attempt to plummet sales, companies reduce their prices and give incredible discounts for 24 hours. Black Friday dated back to 1952 and marked the start of the Christmas holiday. Ever since then every year shoppers both online and in brick and mortar stores go on crazy shopping sprees on this day.

Did you know that Black Friday last year was visited by more than 100 million US citizens? Yes, that many! This Friday has become a household name bringing in numbers that could match up to the last presidential inauguration that had over 130 million people.

14% of products and services will remain at the same price during Black Friday. Well, not at WP Pluginsify where discounts and deals are guaranteed on purchases. Shop wisely on this day to avoid being a culprit of false advertising.

More people die shopping on this Friday than in shark attacks. Surprisingly this is true according to Shopping FM. If possible stick to online stores for Black Friday discounts just to avoid the crazy commotion in brick and mortar stores.

29% of shoppers started their shopping after 10 AM in the year 2016; the rest were earlier than that. Be early enough to avoid missing out on the crazy discounts and deals. Make a shopping list if necessary before Black Friday.

In 2016, more than 12 billion was spent by US consumers between Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Well, that’s quite a lot, but worth it when else do you get up to 80% off on prices.

Don’t be left behind on the chance to get the best bargains. Kick-start the holidays with amazing deals on WordPress themes, plugins and hosting plans.

For those who love to get software at awesome discounted prices, there are some great Black Friday SaaS Deals brewing.

Black Friday


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