When it comes to achieving success with business in 2023, the number one way to do so will be by boosting visibility online. There are so many people promoting themselves in digital spaces, from new startups to big companies, that being seen, heard, and chosen above the competition can be a difficult task. When it comes to getting eyes on your brand and generating worthwhile leads that will better convert, curating impactful content is the way to go.

Why is online visibility important?

When visibility is discussed in terms of business and the internet, this typically relates to a brand’s presence and accessibility to audiences. These days, simply having a website and using marketing tools like Google AdSense won’t be enough to put your business on the map. While there are a myriad of factors and aspects of business that will ensure bottom-line revenue, traffic will play a pivotal role in better converting visitors to buyers. With the right online visibility, you’ll enjoy:

  • More native leads
  • An increase in both unique visitors and a larger base of people who identify with your brand
  • Boosted sales
  • A good reputation with better brand trust
  • Greater potential for collaborations, partnerships, and endorsements (which can be especially attractive in online spaces)

What does a creative suite include?

Content is king, and photos and videos are fast taking over written text. A creative suite is a collection of editing tools that will support strong marketing efforts and with CapCut, you get AI solutions that are easy to use, free, and rival the quality of even the most professional services. The fantastic results will be highly engaging and fully creative, allowing you to bring your vision to life and reach the heights you expect for your business. The tools include:

Auto captions

Instant, error free caption generation from video footage with AI.

Edit with multiple tracks

Unlimited multi track editing options with image, video, audio, and text tracks.

Music and sound effects

Leverage a rich collection of royalty-free music and trending sound effects.

Background removal

Remove unwanted backgrounds from both images and videos with no quality issues.

Crop, trim, and resize

Perform cropping, splitting, trimming, and resizing for video footage with a simple user interface and an AI approach.


All of these tools are accessible whether you create a free account or not (as are the rest of the tools on the CapCut website, such as the video compressor), but doing so will open up cloud saving potential.

How can a creative suite boost visibility?

Creating content quickly with an AI suite will not only let you post quicker than your competitors, but you will also have full control over your branding and creativity. The more your pictures and videos stand out on social media feeds, the more likely audiences will be to click through to your website. Why miss out on the potential of digital marketing or provide anything short of high quality materials when this creative suite is ready to be leveraged right now?


I used to write about games but now work on web development topics at WebFactory Ltd. I've studied e-commerce and internet advertising, and I'm skilled in WordPress and social media. I like design, marketing, and economics. Even though I've changed my job focus, I still play games for fun.

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