Migrating your website from an HTTP to an HTTPS connection is undoubtedly a good decision due to the numerous benefits that HTTPS offers, including safety, better SEO, the accuracy of the data, and many more. However, in migrating your website, you have probably encountered some issues. One of the problems that might occur is mixed content warnings, which make your website look suspicious and insecure to visitors. Of course, there is an easy solution to your situation, so keep reading. 

What is mixed content?

Mixed content represents the process of loading HTML through a secure HTTPS connection. However, other content on the website, like images, files, videos, and scripts, are still being loaded through an insecure connection, i.e., HTTP. Once you have migrated to HTTPS, every single content on your website should be loaded over the same connection, or you will experience some troubles in the form of mixed content warnings. These warnings should be solved and removed promptly and quickly so that the performance of your website stays in good shape and your customers do not complain about the insecure connection of your website. 

How to fix mixed content quickly?

WP Force SSL will be your salvation regarding the problems of mixed content and the safety of your website in general. This plugin has a built-in content scanner to help you avoid mixed content errors and warnings. Since it is time-consuming and practically impossible to manually check each webpage to find mixed content, this plugin scans all your content in only a few minutes. It gives you a detailed report about possible issues. 

If you wonder how the WP Force SSL scanner works, here are some proper instructions. Firstly, you should open the “Content Scanner” tab and press the “Start scanning” button. After a few minutes, you will see the results when the scanner has finished its job and listed all posts and webpages on your website.

Content Scanner option

The plugin will show you those web pages where mixed content is found so that you can fix them and avoid such content in the future. You will also see when the last scan was performed and how many pages were scanned. 

What are the other benefits of WP Force SSL?

WP Force SSL landing page

Other than solving mixed content errors, WP Force SSL offers numerous possibilities that could benefit your website and business. Firstly, it enables you to configure the SSL certificate. You can quickly generate it for free and turn on real-time SSL monitoring, so you will never forget to renew it once it expires. You can track all these security options from one dashboard and control all your websites, licenses, and purchases. Best of all, if something is unclear to you, premium support is available all the time. Join the community of over 200 000 users and enjoy WP Force SSL’s possibilities. 


Mixed content is an issue that must be removed as soon as possible and will not solve itself. To get rid of these tedious mixed content warnings on your website and provide your users with the safest and best possible experience, you should start using WP Force SSL. This tool will disappear all your worries and quickly lead you to the root of the problem. By listing all your web pages in only a few minutes, you will get a comprehensive report about the issues found and will be able to solve them. 

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