Nowadays, the average person spends approximately two hours accessing social media platforms on their mobile devices. This is expected to increase as the platforms develop in the future, further exceeding the time spent on traditional media, most notably TV.

Along with this shift, marketers have turned to influencer marketing to leverage the popularity of social media stars to advertise their products. People consider influencers as a go-to source of information about new products in a particular industry (fashion, tech, beauty, etc.)

Most of the time, influencers are given access to new products before they are even launched to the public. For example, Huawei Mobile partnered with top tech influencer, Judner Aura to introduce the new Mate 10 Pro smartphone prior to its launch in the US. He gave an in-depth review of the phone to get people excited about the launch.

Judner Aura is well-known and respected for his knowledge of consumer-tech products through his Youtube Channel (UrAvgConsumer). People are more likely to be inspired by him. Trust his opinions and recommendations as he is the subject matter experts. Thus, influencers act as a guide for people before purchasing certain products as a result of their credibility.

If you were to purchase a digital camera today for the purpose of capturing special moments for your next holiday. You would most likely look up product reviews online before you visit the store. A research from Brightlocal confirms that 85 percent of consumers are trusting online reviews, similar to personal recommendations.

All in all, social media has paved the way for marketers to utilize influencer marketing as 74% of consumers are adopting social media to make purchase decisions. So, spending a dime for the right offer and influencer in social media is a worthwhile investment. To explore more about influencing marketing, make sure to check out the infographic below.

Influencer Marketing Facts You Need To Know

Influencer Marketing Infographic
Courtesy of: Milkwhale

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