The possibility to earn cashback bonuses for purchases is not new. This is a habitual thing for a number of fast-food cafes, retail shops, and grocery stores. The ability to collect bonuses and spend them for the purchase of other products/services lure customers from the worldwide. Now, TemplateMonster also gives you a chance to earn a number of cashback bonuses for your purchases and get any premium themes for free or at a good discount.

If you have been looking through the inventory of digital products in the marketplace recently, then you should have noticed a “loyalty program” icon that is placed right next to the pricing details on the product pages. Each time you find it on the page, feel certain that the selected digital product is added to the loyalty program. You can either purchase it with bonuses or receive cashback the order.

TemplateMonster Loyalty Program

Who is the loyalty program intended for? All TemplateMonster customers can receive bonuses for their orders. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or a returning client. You will be provided with the cashback bonuses each time you buy a theme that participates in the loyalty program.

It’s set as default settings that all vendors selling their products in the digital marketplace participate in the loyalty program. Each of them is now provided with access to a new section in the vendor control panel, where they can track stats on the number of sales made and the total amount of revenue that they have earned. Each time a vendor submits a new product to the digital marketplace, he can decide whether or not he wants a specific item to participate in the loyalty program.

TemplateMonster Vendor Loyalty Program

All that you need to do in order to earn cashback bonuses is to buy a digital product that participates in the loyalty program. That’s it. Depending on the order subtotal and the number of purchases that you have already made, you can earn up to 30% in bonuses from every order in the marketplace.

  • Every customer can earn 3-30% of bonuses from each order to his personal loyalty program balance.
  • The bonuses are given for the new orders that were placed on November 13, 2017 (when the loyalty program was added) or later.
  • A customer can use bonuses to pay for the new orders, the full price or partially. If you don’t have enough bonuses to pay the entire price, you can choose any supported payment method to be charged for the rest.
  • Free products do not participate in the loyalty program. Downloading a freebie you won’t lose your personal ranking in the loyalty program.
  • All bonuses are valid for 1 year since the day when they were added to the buyer’s account. If you do not use them during the year, they will simply expire.

Let’s Do Some Math

Every customer can earn from 3% to 30% in cashback bonuses on the new orders.

  • The subtotal of $80-$139 for the 1st order will bring you 5% cashback bonus.
  • $80-$139 for the 2nd order will bring you the 10% bonus.
  • $80-$139  for the 3rd order will provide you with the 15$ cashback.
  • $80-$139 for the 7th will add 25% to your personal balance.
  • Simply put, your personal level in the loyalty programs is influenced by the 2 major factors:
  • The number of orders that you have placed;
  • The total amount of cash spent for each purchase.

Every customer can earn from 3% to 30% in cashback bonuses on the new orders.

“We value every customer who chooses digital products from the TemplateMonster marketplace. We wanted to reward you for the time spent with us. We’ve been thinking about the launch of the loyalty program for quite a while already. From now on, every customer will be given bonuses for each purchase. The bonuses will be valid for one year, giving you a chance to pay the full order price or simply split the cost.”- David Braun, CEO at TemplateMonster.

About TemplateMonster Marketplace

In August 2017, TemplateMonster officially became the digital marketplace, welcoming vendors from the worldwide to join and start selling their products to the community of more than 6 million customers. Joining the marketplace, the vendors can sell both exclusive and non-exclusive digital products simultaneously, uploading the unlimited number of products, assigning them with as many categories as needed, and earning up to 70% commission from each sale. TemplateMonster Review Team accepts the submitted digital products within a couple of days only, making it possible for the skilled and creative developers to start earning straight away. For more information, please visit

Author Bio: This is a guest article written by the people from TemplateMonster.


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