MotoCMS, a website, was founded in the year 2008. It was named as FlashMoto. then subsequently in the year 2010, it was renamed as MotoCMS. You do not have to be a coder to use MotoCMS.

MotoCMS vs WordPress

WordPress was founded in 2003, it is suitable for people who do not have any coding skills just like MotoCMS. At the start, WP was a blogging tool that was a free and open source. Now it is the most desired and sought after cms in the world.

Pricing Comparison

The MotoCMS gives you only a 7-day free trial. After the lapse of the free trial, you have to shell out either $139 for an HTML website template or $199 for MotoCMS 3 website template. The hosting separate. On checking out, you might have to buy their services like installation assistance ($49), readymade website option ($149), SEO Audit ($49), the template you choose for FB ($39), buyout license ($4500).

WP is free of cost. There is nothing to be paid upfront. There is a hosting needed for any CMS. For WP SiteGround is the official hosting and it provides the best performance of all the hosting providers. If you wish to use SiteGround you just have to pay $3.95 per month.


There are over 31,000 plugins to enable you to extend the functionality of your site.

MotoCMS vs WordPress

There is no need to hire professionals to install the plugin. To install the plugins (all are free) yourself, just go to plugins section -> add new -> choose from SEO, display plugins, forum, chat, video, client, optimization, security, cache, blog, sales, and ecommerce. You can achieve anything by installing these plugins.

The MotoCMS plugins are a bit expensive as mentioned above. MotoCMS offers widgets for your site like galleries, iframes, maps, contact forms, social media widgets, etc.

SEO Comparison

As far as MotoCMS is concerned you have to pay, $49 for an SEO audit ( for better SEO). You will be given basic SEO like keywords, descriptions, titles, etc.

WP offers more than just basic SEO features. You will be given free SEO plugins that will fascinate you. There are plugins will increase the website speed. The WP sites rule the Search engines. That will give you an idea how powerful WP is when it comes to SEO.

Ecommerce Comparison

In case you happen to turn your site into an online store, both the platforms (WP and MotoCMS), offer an ecommerce plugin to accomplish this. The MotoCMS plugin is expensive and costs you $99. It is not that costly but it cannot be denied that there are other platforms who offer this feature free of cost.

As far as WP is concerned, you can install Woocommerce instantly, that powers more online shops, than any other platform. This plugin is totally free and is used by many popular websites.

Template Differences

With MotoCMS you will be given more than 300 paid templates for your site. MotoCMS also offers responsive and HTML MotoCMS 3 templates. You can search for the template in the search box. On the contrary, you can take a look the category box on the left side. There you can choose from food, real estate, web design, transportation, sport, media, fashion, cafe, cars, business, art, beauty, animals, agriculture and other template categories.

The WP offers a number of themes than MotoCMS. And WP offers more themes than any other platform in the world. In the WP dashboard, in the reference section, you can see 2100 free themes available. However, if you want more themes then you have to download from the internet. Genesis is a very popular SEO theme, which will boost your site in the search engines.

Blogging Platform

Such of those who want to have a blogging platform or a blog feature, WP is the best option. WP is both, the best blogging platform and also the best CMS.

MotoCMS vs WordPress

WP is offering a range of editorial and writing features. There are huge built in blog features in WP. But MotoCMS is a bit weak in this area of blogging. MotoCMS needs to improve a lot to match WP.

Popularity Comparison

MotoCMS empowers around 150,000 sites. However, this is no match for WP, that powers around seventy-five million websites.

The reputed companies like Mashable, Sony, Forbes, CNN and much more use WP. The Keyword MotoCMS or Moto CMS only comprise of 8800 searches monthly. Whereas the keyword WP has over three million monthly searches.

Support Comparison

MotoCMS is famous for its superb Customer support. On the support page, we can see that nearly 95 percent of the customers are satisfied with the support that they received. And also MotoCMS provides 24/7 live chat, email, and phone. They also have a callback option.

People never had any issues when seeking help for any of the WP sites. The astonishing thing is that WP powers 30 times the amount of sites that MotoCMS does. This means that almost all the websites are powered by WP. And moreover, there are blog posts from WP blogs all over the web.

Which Is Better for Your Website

The MotoCMS is a newly emerging CMS. It is like comparing Mustang and Ferrari.

The Mustang performs extremely well but you need to work out more for a Ferrari. So it is suggested that you go in for the WordPress.

WP is the best choice. WP gives your site more features and more opportunities to grow, it is fun to use, it offers more design options, cheaper, better SEO, etc. The setting up your site is a breeze – it takes only five minutes to make your website up and running.

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