Latching on to YouTube trending topics is probably the fastest way to start as a content creator. That’s especially true if meteoric growth is your goal.

According to family patriarch John, it’s how popular YouTubers like Trinity and Beyond amassed millions of followers over time. And it’s how you can do it, too. Here’s why it makes sense.

It Is a Decision Informed by Data

YouTube trends show up because people are searching for them. They’re viewing more hours of those particular topics, sharing, commenting, and reacting.

YouTube trending

YouTube does an excellent job of showing you how many times a video was viewed. They also display surges in activity. So, this tells you quickly the categories, lengths, and content types that are performing best.

Helps You Understand What Others Are Doing

Following trending topics lets you understand how other popular YouTube channels connect with their audiences. Achieving this understanding will give you natural insight into how you can connect with yours.

Provides Your Quickest Opportunity to Go Viral

YouTube videos that follow trending topics stand a much better chance of riding that wave. It only stands to reason.

If viewers are rabid for a particular type of content, then the pie grows. Let’s say you hop on a trend that has garnered 4 million views in the last hour. If you get just one percent of those views, you’re going to have 40,000 views in the next hour. Whose channel couldn’t benefit from that?

Content Does Not Start From Scratch

YouTube videos on laptop

Trending videos follow patterns. The structure is built-in. You don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about the setup, the direction, dialogue, camera angles. You already have a sense of what’s working and can focus solely on your unique spin.

Capitalizes on Recurring Trends

Another great thing about video trends is that many of them are evergreen. Checking out the most searched topics on YouTube, for example, will enable videos that you create today to pick up a surge in traffic every time an issue comes back around.

Furthermore, studying these trending topics with greater regularity allows you to get ahead of trends and even launch viral categories on your own. The more you do this sort of marketing, the easier it will be to ride the wave from other creators following in your footsteps.

How It Is Done

YouTube loading

Going to YouTube will enable you to start from a general perspective through the Explore tab from the main menu. This will give you several options that include the following:

  • Trending
  • Music
  • Movies & Shows
  • Live
  • Gaming
  • News
  • Sports
  • Learning
  • Fashion & Beauty

Click any of these categories to see what’s hot. You can also do keyword searches and refine the results by the most popular. Last but not least, you can use third-party platforms that analyze an even more diverse range of topics.

Follow YouTube Trending Topics to Shorten Growth Time Potential

The YouTube trending topics option gives you the chance to piggyback onto the success of others. It’s how most creators start and keep traffic rolling in consistently.

Give it a try if you’re feeling unsure of where to start. Check out some of our other posts for more tech and marketing tips!


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