Who could understand what is meant by being busy more than entrepreneurs? Both terms are connected, and entrepreneurs carry the weight for the entire world. As responsible for their company’s success, they must take on different roles.

Time management and productivity are the most critical focus areas with all these demanding jobs. Do you have any hope of a solution for these issues? The answer is yes—the advancement of technology tools and programs to help entrepreneurs improve productivity and reduce time.

There’s no time to do everything for business owners, and the commonplace repetitive daily tasks can take up a lot of your time, which could have been used elsewhere. For increased efficiency, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest technologies to reduce time and help manage the many “tasks” that can quickly make your day.

Here are the five tools of technology that can simplify your life as an entrepreneur. The most up-to-date tools for business technology can assist you in running your business more efficiently and with less expense.

1. Task Management Tools

Tools for managing tasks is a simple, cost-effective method for small-scale entrepreneurs to save time and money. Any tool that lets you monitor the job electronically rather than by hand is an excellent benefit for business owners who are busy and want to reduce the time spent communicating with their tasks and that for their employees.

Online tools for task management such as Asana and Trello will help you stay on the top of your list of tasks and project progress and calendars. You can schedule automatic reminders and update notifications to ensure that you don’t need to go through every detail manually.

They can also be used to collaborate so that everyone on your team understands what’s been accomplished the last time, what’s great, and who was given the job.


Trello landing pageA powerful tool for managing projects which helps you stay organized was a distant dream before the time Trello was introduced. Trello is a beautiful tool for managing your business. It can serve as digital whiteboards where you can write on cards, and each card comes with checklists, files, and comments.

Trello is a versatile tool that lets you keep a birds-eye of every project you work on by making emails, creating an ebook, and managing specific tasks.  The management of a team professionally organizing meetings, conducting briefings, and brainstorming is an easy task, thanks to Trello.

2. Social Media Scheduling Tools

Small-scale business owners are aware of the significance of using social media to communicate with potential customers and clients. But, getting involved in social networks too frequently could be time-consuming.  Have you ever visited an online social media website or application “for just a minute” but then come off an hour later and further down to the social media hole?

Tools for scheduling social media like Buffer and Hootsuite let you create posts that will go out at the specified times and dates without logging onto the social media websites, which can be distracting.  You can also make the posts for a month or week in advance and then utilize these scheduling tools to blast out your campaigns at the exact time you need them to increase your sales without spending too long on social media.


Hootsuite landing pageManagement of social media accounts is now easier than ever before the introduction of Hootsuite, web-based social media management and scheduling tool that many entrepreneurs across the globe rely on.  Make sure you manage all the social accounts and set up posts for these profiles in just one place.

Hootsuite optimizes the timing of posting to get the most engagement and views. Making sure you post at the right time could benefit your business, and the opposite could be an inconvenience. To have a nationwide or global impact on customer engagement depends mainly on the timing of your post, and Hootsuite facilitates managing your posts.

Buffer makes it easy to schedule sharing across all platforms. When I plan personal or business tweets, I can ensure that I’m posting at specific time slots throughout the day to reach the most significant number of people possible. 

3. Finding and Retaining Business Clients

To both retain and gain customers and find hidden revenue sources and revenue sources, customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms like Hubspot, SalesForce, and Insightly are great resources.  A CRM can help you track and keep an eye on prospective and current clients from the first time they come through your sales and marketing funnels, and it also provides the tools necessary to keep those relationships alive.

A CRM that is used consistently can assist you in making sound business decisions based upon actual data instead of making guesses. You can track how many new customers you’ve added to your database in the past few months. 

It is possible to view contacts based on particular data points like location or the kind of product they purchased. This way, you’ll know who to follow up with messages to encourage referrals or repeat business. This will make your marketing dollars go further.

4. Perch

Perch landing pagePerch is a video-based communication platform with facial recognition, smart connectivity between users, and snapshot use features. 

The app takes the stress out of scheduling meetings with colleagues and clients. It’s an excellent device for business owners and entrepreneurs to improve communication with people who work remotely or from other workplaces.

5. Skype

Skype landing pageBeing an entrepreneur can require quick responses and rapid gatherings, which aren’t possible with email.  To speed up the process using a conference call, Skype is the solution that your business requires. Meetings can be held internally, and Q&A sessions through conference calls and meetings via Skype.

Furthermore, the geographical boundaries do not hinder conference calls hosted online. You can, for instance, connect to employees in remote locations as well as in various nations with just a single click. In addition to video and phone calls, you can transfer files to employees.


Each of the tools listed previously has its unique specialization and aplomb, and they are among the most reliable tools that have proved helpful for all kinds of businesses. Your business’s function and nature will determine the tools you choose.

In this case, having no-cost tools to run your business will not put any financial burden on your shoulders. Therefore, selecting software such as Trello and Skype should be easy. In the case of paid tools and software, you want more features for less money. Thus, select your tools in a way that you can and reap maximal benefits.


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