Want to sell digital items online? Don’t worry because through today’s article, you’ll be able to learn about the finest platforms for selling digital things online. Well, let’s get started.

You’ll need an easy-to-use platform to sell your digital downloads and distribute them to your customers, regardless of the type of digital product you make. You could be working on e-books, e-learning, programs, or something different that you want to sell to your customers. Nevertheless, if you’re selling several products and require a simple way for customers to download them, you’ll need a digital product selling platform.

Below we have explained 4 platforms for this task. Read on and see which one is right for you.


Shopify landing pageShopify is a Canadian e-commerce firm that creates original software that simplifies the process of opening an online store for small businesses. It is a digital platform that allows you to sell your products on the Internet while also allowing you to customize your online store without knowing how to code. They provide a range of services such as payments, marketing, shipping, and customer loyalty systems.

Shopify is becoming increasingly popular as a platform for opening an online store for selling digital downloads. Its users do not require any particular understanding to utilize it, which makes it so popular. You’ll be able to check it out in a matter of minutes, thanks to fantastic e-commerce tools because Shopify brings up a slew of intriguing possibilities for monetizing your goods, services, and publications. From this standpoint, you should consider this a tool that you may use to better your internet store or commerce.


Gumroad landing pageGumroad is a simple tool that allows anyone to monetize a link such as a PDF, blog post, audio, or list without setting up their store. They also don’t need to rely on current e-commerce marketplaces. It works by allowing resellers to upload files up to 1 GB or publish a URL on Gumroad, which provides a unique shortcut. Sellers can set their rates or wait for client proposals of the price for their product.

With a simple single click on the link, customers will be redirected to a simple product page with a product description and a purchase button. To make a purchase, simply the only thing your customers need to do is provide their email address and payment card number. Customers are then sent a URL and a confirmation email with instructions on accessing the content.

Sellers on the Gumroad service get paid monthly via PayPal for their online earnings. The proportion that Gumroad collects for its service, a 5% processing fee plus 25 cents every sale, reduces their online profits. Gumroad can be a very appealing approach to selling directly to the customer. It allows users to communicate with fans and followers through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Gumroad offers a reasonably modern approach to selling without establishing a website or sending its products to existing online markets.


WooCommerce landing pageWooCommerce is considered to be currently the most popular open source e-commerce platform, and a platform that integrates perfectly with WordPress. It is, in reality, a WordPress can be used to establish a fully working online store on a single page without the need for programming or extensive computer knowledge. It converts your entire website into a selling platform, complete with the most distinguishing features such as a shopping cart or basket where customers can place the things they want to buy, purchase completion systems, various payment options, and shipping prices.

We can say that small and medium enterprises are the ideal market for the WooCommerce platform. It also caters to freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses, and smaller businesses. It is one of the most popular online store platforms due to its ease of use and flexibility.


MemberPress landing pageMemberPress is a WordPress membership plugin. It enables you to sell subscriptions and manage access to various portions of your website. After acquiring a membership, customers can access their accounts if you create subscriptions for your digital or download products. It also connects to email marketing platforms like Constant Contact, ConvertKit, etc.

You may make as many pages or sections for members-only on your site as possible with MemberPress. Your paid content can be delivered in posts, pages, or downloads that are only accessible to members. On MemberPress, there is no limit to how many distinct membership levels you can create. You have complete freedom in defining them.


The best platform for selling digital goods is mainly dependent on your requirements. MemberPress is the perfect solution if you want to offer digital products based on subscriptions, premium services, or pay-per-page visits. If your items contain e-books, music, or software, and you want to make digital distribution simple, Gumroad is a perfect choice. Finally, use WooCommerce or Shopify if you’re selling both digital and physical things now or in the future. Both options make selling digital and physical items easier.


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