We will dedicate this article to Zendesk, its functions, and its best alternatives. Having invoicing, accounting, payroll, HR, and CRM all in one place is not found that often, but Zendesk and some other tools make that possible. The best thing about the tools we will recommend is that they save you from having to buy multiple different tools for multiple different functions, and from managing multiple different accounts and their passwords.

Essentially, having everything all in one place makes your business much easier and simpler. But now, let’s talk about Zendesk.


Zendesk has been around for a while now and is very popular because of its great features. It helps businesses with sales, support, and customer relations. It is used by some big companies like Airbnb and Vimeo. It offers many tools for many different uses, from CRM, ticketing, to call-center support, and much more.

Now, you are probably wondering “If Zendesk is so good, why are we looking for alternatives?” Well, the answer to that question is pretty simple. With the constant updates in the world of technology, people want to make their jobs as easy as possible. And that implies exchanging Zendesk and its pretty outdated interface for a tool that not only looks up-to-date but also offers all of the required features.

For that reason, let’s now talk about our 4 picks for the top Zendesk alternatives, Deskera, Zoho, QuickBooks, and Xero. We have chosen these four based on their features, pricing, and overall ease of use. So if you are interested, keep on reading.



Deskera is first on our list for a reason. They have received The Webby award, and have been listed on Capterra’s “Top 20 enterprise resource planning software”, “Top 10 ERP solution providers” and “Top 10 fastest growing ERP solutions provider companies”. This is a company that is very proud of the way they handle invoicing, accounting, payroll, HR, and CRM all at once, and to be honest, they should be.

Using Deskera, you can view invoices, bank balances, and even tax calculations. They also offer a mobile app, which includes all the tools.

When it comes to pricing, it is offered in three differently priced plans on AppSumo, which include different features.

The first one is Single. It costs $149/month and includes features like 1 Power user, Deskera books, Deskera CRM, 10.000 emails/month, 2.000 email list, Deskera People,100 Payroll team members, and more.

The next plan is Double, which costs $298/month, and includes 2 Power users, Deskera books, Deskera CRM, 20.000 emails/month, 4.000 email list, Deskera people, 200 Payroll team members, and so on.

The last and biggest plan is Multiple, which costs $447/month and includes 3 Power users, Deskera books, Deskera people, 300 payroll team members, Deskera CRM, 30.000 emails/month, 6.000 email list, and more.

Any additional information you might want to know about Deskera can be found on their website and also by searching for reviews, which were posted by thousands of satisfied customers.



This is another great alternative that will for sure take care of your business the right way using the features and tools it includes. It handles all aspects of your business from sales and marketing to emails, finance, IT, customer service, and so on.

Some of Zoho’s customers include companies like Netflix, Amazon, HP, and many more.

Using Zoho, you can customize your design, layout, and even the colors so that every aspect can complement your business. And one of the best things that this tool offers is integration with the rest of the Zoho apps.

When it comes to pricing, it comes in four plans. The first one is free and includes features like a help center, mobile apps, macros, 24/5 email support, and more. The next plan is called Standard and costs €12/month. It includes all of the features offered in the free plan and also some additional ones.

The third and most popular plan is called Professional, it costs €20/month and includes all of the features from the Standard plan, plus more. The last and biggest plan costs €35/month and is called Enterprise. It includes all of the features from the Professional plan, plus much more.



The third alternative on our list is called QuickBooks. When it comes to its features, some are offered no matter the plan. Those features include accountant access, unlimited invoices, reports and dashboards, free Android and iPhone apps, as well as secure cloud storage.

The other features depend on the plan you decide to use. The first plan is called Simple start and costs €7/month. It includes features like income and expenses tracking, VAT tracking, invoices and quotes, and more.

The second plan is called Essentials, costs €10/month, and includes all the features from the Simple start plan as well as additional ones.

The last plan is called Plus, costs €15/month and includes most of the features. You can find all of the information that you might deem interesting on their website.



Last but not least is Xero. Some of the features it includes are easy invoicing, inventory, 800+ third-party apps, information security, and much more.

It is used by over 2 million users, which will give you words of praise for the tool and its features.

When it comes to pricing, this tool comes in three differently priced plans. The first one is called Starter and costs $20/month. It includes features like capturing bills and receipts, bank transactions, 20 invoices and quotes, and more.

The next plan is called Standard, costs $30/month, and includes any number of bills, bank transactions, bills and transactions, and an unlimited number of invoices and quotes.

The last plan is called Premium which costs $40/month and has all of the features from the Standard plan with the addition of handling multiple currencies.

To find answers to any questions you might have, visit Xero’s website.



Indy helps freelancers and independent contractors with all their admin. The single platform can be used to manage lead capture, proposals, contracts, time tracking, project planning, invoices, and the document approval process. Working on a single platform reduces your admin time and gives you more time to do the things that generate profits for you.

What makes Indy great for freelancers is how the platform brings many of the tools you need into one place. You can create a seamless workflow based around each project. For every job, you can create proposals that become contracts. It’s easy to track your time using Indy’s Time Tracker, and then you can add these billable hours directly to an invoice.

Indy also uses a Forms tool. With this, you can automate your lead capture process, ask for customer feedback, and create an onboarding process for new clients.

As you are working, share documents with clients and use the Files tool to track the version and approval status of your work.

Indy is also the cheapest option on our list. Indy offers a free trial with some usage limits. However, the full plan costs just $5.99 per month for unlimited access.


Thank you for sticking around ’til the end. We hope you found this article helpful and that it answered some of your questions.

We would like to highlight Deskera once more and say that we made it our number one pick for a reason. That reason being the fact that it does an amazing job of handling all aspects of your business. But of course, you make the final decision.


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