WordPress is world’s highest used and most popular Blogging software. Though there are many blogging platforms, people widely use WordPress for their blogs. Its popularity can be best understood by the fact that within a span of few years, since its release in 2003, the number of users has reached to millions. According to Investopedia, more than 75 million people use WordPress blogging software. Individuals and business owners can create the personal or professionally hosted blog with a free WordPress.com or self-hosted blog on their web server.

Blogs are a strong communication tool for people and business owners to communicate their thoughts and ideas to millions of visitors and viewers. They use it for affiliate marketing, searching information, providing business and products information, SEO, social networking and others. It has also become a crucial tool for businesses to reach to their target customers. The companies even hire developers to develop and design Blogs for their business. Useful quality contents can attract large numbers of loyal visitors, customers, and subscribers.

There are also certain ways that can make your Blog popular among target visitors and audience. You can follow given steps to attract large visitors to your writings:

1. Set a Goal

Easiest Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Popular

Blogging has become a craze among people these days. Many write for communicating their ideas and information to a larger audience, but they forget that Blogs are created to serve a purpose, and it must be useful to visitors. If they are created without any goal, readers may show some interest in the beginning and read your writings, but after a while, they may not find your story appealing and will not visit your writings.

If there are no visitors, you will have no alternative except to shut down. This is also one of the reasons why new blogs are launched and many shut down.

You can avoid closing down if you create a blog that appeals to a specific section of people or general audience and serves their purpose. Your goal must be to attract your target people through writings that are useful to your visitors. You must also generate their continuous interest in your writing by sticking to your topic and broadening it with related information.

2. Deliver Values

Mostly people visit Blogs depending upon their interest. Their motive is to get information or gain knowledge on a topic or field. If your blog correlates to their interest, they will read your writings, but if your contents do not provide the required information, they may shift over to other blogs to get what they want. So, you must remember that people visit your writings if they deliver value to them.

For example, if your writings are based on college education, you must be sure that it has contents that offer valuable information on different aspects of college education. The same readers may again visit your writings to get additional information, and in return, you gain a loyal follower.

3. Provide Share Links

A successful Blog has a large number of loyal followers and visitors. You can attract these visitors to writing by linking your contents to different social networking sites. You can provide share links for popular networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. You can have large viewers from networking sites if visitors share your post on their network.

4. Guest Blogging

Easiest Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Popular

Guest blogging is also an important way to make you and your blog popular among the audience. There are many top ranked Article Directories like Ezine Articles and others that have hundreds and thousands of visitors and subscribers. They also invite authors to write for their site as a guest author and allow these authors to include one or two links on their contents targeting their blog.

The only criteria for writing in these directories is to follow their strict guidelines related to quality, grammar, the length of the article and other guidelines. One can post contents on these directories and direct large visitors and subscribers to the blog through inserted links.

5. SEO-friendly Contents

Make your content SEO-friendly to increase traffic to your blog. Today, all popular blogs are very specific about Search Engine Optimization because SEO is the best way to attract target visitors and subscribers. You can insert keywords and links into the title or body of the content. Such keywords improve your Google ranking. If anybody searches any information related to your topic, your ranking in Google will immediately bring your blog to the notice of the visitors.

6. Reader Friendly Contents

If you want visitors to read your writings, you should write reader-friendly contents. The visitors come to your blog in search of information, but if your writings have complex and long sentences that are difficult to understand, and if content is filled with unnecessary information, the readers may skip and switch to other sites. To make your content more reader-friendly, you must write quality contents with short and simple sentences. You must also avoid filling it with unnecessary details to make it monotonous.

If there are long sentences, you must break them and write short sentences. You must also use the title, summary, categories, tags, and date of the post, and insert research and study links of survey agencies to show that all your information are true and obtained from reliable research agencies. The reader will also be assured that he/she is getting genuine information. These visitors will also come back again to your blog for additional information.

 7. Comments on Related Posts

Easiest Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Popular

Many related sites have posts that have Comments and link insertion sections. You can post comments on these contents and insert your links. This is also a way to increase traffic to your blog.

A Blog is only successful if it can attract a large audience and loyal followers. It must also serve the purpose for which it is created. The visitors must also keep coming back to your writings and share, and to make it happen; you can follow these given ways to draw visitors and subscribers.

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