The field of web development is changing constantly and quickly at the rate of. As new technologies are developed, and users’ expectations change, we see a constant flux of new applications, websites, and functions.

With all the innovation users encounter, a lot is happening behind the scenes and as web developers in the fast-paced world, staying on top of these developments is vital. While nobody can foretell the future, it is crucial to keep up to date with the evolving industry and anticipate what factors will have the most influence.

As we are already in the middle of 2022, it is time to look at where the industry is going. What are the prospects for web development for 2022 but also for next year? Let’s look.

  • One-page apps;
  • Progressive web applications;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Voice technology for searching;
  • Push notifications from websites.

Single-page applications

The first trend on our list is the direct result of behavior when they browse. Although the transition away from desktops is not new, it reminds us that developing and designing for mobile should remain top precedence. In the first quarter of 2021, 54.8 percent of all traffic on websites globally was generated by mobile devices.

Nowadays, users are obsessed with speed and simplicity, precisely what single-page websites offer. The name itself suggests that they’re a single long page. There are no traditional menus or complicated navigational systems. Instead, the page is broken into logical sections. Users only need to move down the page in a continuous movement and click anchor hyperlinks to proceed to the appropriate area.

One excellent (and delicious) illustration of the single-page layout in action could be an example of a single-page design in action is the KitKat website. The process of scrolling through the site transforms into an entire experience, with each element effortlessly unfolding to tell the story.

SPAs look good on every device and are user-friendly (the smartphone user’s ideal) from the user’s perspective. In addition, they can even increase conversion rates. But, like every trend, it’s crucial to consider the unique purpose of each site to decide if this is the most appropriate choice.

Apps for the web that are constantly evolving

We’re once again seeing the impact of mobile on this latest trend: the growth of web-based apps that are progressive.

Progressive web apps appear and operate like mobile apps; however, they are web pages that function within the browser. As Google states, PWAs combine the best of both worlds “They provide users with value right from the first time they visit within a browser tab without installing. As users build an association with the app as time passes, it gets even more effective. It is fast to load even on weak networks, sends appropriate push notifications, features an icon for the home screen, and loads in a high-quality, full-screen experience.”

In addition to re-creating the popular mobile app experience within web browsers, PWAs provide a variety of advantages. They can operate offline, are incredibly engaging and immersive, and load extremely fast since most of the data will be saved in the cache. Like mobile apps, these can be located online via search and do not require installation.

Artificial intelligence

Woman with a phoneThe AI hype doesn’t stop; however, it wouldn’t be a trend list if we didn’t include chatbots. Over time, we become more and more mindful of how essential automation is in all sectors, including chatbots, which are usually the most notable instance.

In this day and age of constant connectivity, users’ expectations are very high. Traditional customer service from 9-5 is no longer sufficient as we expect 24/7 access to help and information, and that’s where chatbots can help. Virtual assistants have rapidly become commonplace, and the Covid-19 scandal grew their use to the point that they are on most companies’ websites. They have morphed quickly from customer support to a vital marketing conversational instrument (with Instagram automated messaging being a popular 2022 trend). Today’s Web developers have to be familiar with using the technologies behind these devices.

This guide for developers on chatbots will give you a solid introduction to the appropriate frameworks and platforms. This will require a thorough understanding of Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, and Artificial Intelligence principles. Interactions based on context are expected to play an important part, and the emphasis will shift to real-time interactions instead of the static experience that users get.

Technology for voice search

Many of you will say that voice recognition technology has been around for more than ten years now. However, it seems that with each passing year, technology will only grow.

Although the adoption rate was lower than expected earlier, there were over 157 million smartphones installed in American homes last year. There are more than just those using Siri or Alexa for weather information and stream some music. The amount of money spent by consumers using AI voice assistants will increase to 18 percent this year as revenues reach $19 billion.

Push notifications for websites

Web developerPush notifications aren’t only for mobile applications. Websites are also using this engagement tool, and it’s an area we’ll see growth and increase in the next years.

Like chatbots, brands are always looking for ways to interact with users and offer helpful information at the right time. As long as users can receive notifications, they will receive relevant notifications even if they don’t have the website running.

How do push notifications function? The word “push” is the server that provides details about the message to the service worker. The service staffer sends the data to the user via email. This is made possible on the internet thanks to using the push API. From a design viewpoint, Push notifications are simple to implement and provide the advantage of greater participation without the need to develop a mobile application.


As you will observe, a career in web development will make you more active. Even the most skilled developers are constantly learning and adjusting. But, you’ll soon realize that’s the thrill of the job. In the next few months, you’ll be able to determine the latest developments in your particular field, what web development trends are worth watching, and which are modern trends.


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