Over the past few years, global trade has experienced a massive growth through e-commerce. However, it has also led to an increase in cyberattacks. For example, in 2023, DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attempts on e-commerce businesses grew by 109%. 

E-commerce companies must do everything possible to protect their businesses from cyber threats lurking online. For them, a VPN is a must-have cybersecurity tool. However, a dedicated IP VPN can be even more suitable for business needs.

This article will discuss how a dedicated IP address can benefit your e-commerce business. You’ll learn how it works and how to make the most of its privacy features.


What Is an IP Address?

IP addresses (internet protocol addresses) serve as an identification label for internet devices. They allow devices to connect to destinations such as websites and applications.

Your IP address is linked to your sensitive data, such as your physical location. If a dangerous actor finds out this information, they can use it for sinister motives.

VPNs are a great way of protecting your IP address. They encrypt your data so snoopers in the network wouldn’t be able to identify you. A VPN can also change your virtual location by connecting to another server and changing your IP address. It means you can trick scammers into thinking you’re in Hong Kong when you’re actually in Texas.

Difference Between Static and Dynamic IP Addresses

As the name suggests, static IP addresses always remain the same. Many business servers use static IP addresses so employees can connect to the server no matter where they are. This allows e-commerce companies to ensure secure remote workflows for employees around the world.

Meanwhile, dynamic IP addresses are assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) every time a device connects to the internet. This means that you’ll be sharing the same IP with other users. While this may be suitable for average browsers, dynamic IPs often lack the stability and performance an e-commerce company needs.

How Does a Dedicated IP Address Work?

When you invest in a dedicated IP VPN, you get a safeguarded connection for your e-commerce business. It protects you from unauthorized access so that nobody can get your company’s sensitive details.

According to Duke University, over 80% of companies in the United States have been successfully hacked by scammers. To prevent this, administrators can list the IP addresses permitted to access the server. Only employees with matching addresses can join.

The Benefits of Using a Dedicated IP Address for E-commerce Business Owners

Dedicated IP addresses come with many benefits for e-commerce business owners. For example, using it for your e-mails would help avoid restricting measures where other users are at fault. But that’s not all; here are some more advantages:

  • A dedicated IP address provides a secure connection when accessing systems remotely or utilizing private servers. It significantly reduces the risk of cyberattacks since nobody can access your system without permission.
  • It helps business owners avoid being blocked from accessing materials they need. For example, if you share a server with others, you could be blocklisted for someone else’s behavior. However, if you use a dedicated IP address, this will never occur.
  • Online banking becomes easier since banks won’t see your connection as suspicious. You can avoid annoying verification notes and ensure a smoother banking system for your business.
  • You don’t have to worry about facing multiple CAPTCHAS for a simple task. This will allow you to check your e-mails without disturbance and carry out any online task carefree.

Are There Any Downsides to Using a Dedicated IP VPN?

Using a VPN with a dedicated IP address is worthwhile for e-commerce business owners. Your data will be encrypted, and traffic will be routed. You’ll have an extra layer of security and privacy–all thanks to a static IP address.

However, a dedicated IP address may not be suitable for every e-commerce business owner. To determine if it’s right for you, see for cons below:

  • Most VPN service providers charge an extra fee for a dedicated IP address on top of their packages.
  • Since you’re the sole user of the dedicated IP address, your activity can be traced more easily compared to a shared IP address.

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A Final Note on Dedicated IP Addresses

With the rise of digital hacking incidents, e-commerce business owners must pay more attention to their online safety. Using a dedicated IP VPN could be very helpful in this regard.

A dedicated IP address is a convenient solution for business owners looking to save time, protect their reputations, and reduce the risk of cyberattacks. It also allows for safer remote work practices, which is essential for e-commerce businesses.

Despite a few disadvantages, dedicated IP could be a convenient and effective cybersecurity tool worth trying this year.


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