Even though it might seem that there is no point in optimizing your images for search engines, you should think twice!  Every website owner, or even if you are about to become one, is aware of one thing. It is not an easy task to get your site at the top page results.

However, if you think about the images you add to your website, you can understand they could also bring some traffic to your website. But you should research the best way to use them.

Google search

With Google Image search, for example, you get the opportunity to get discovered. But, you will have to put some effort into optimizing your images, too. Then you will certainly see the improvement. As it is said- a picture is worth a thousand words.

We advise you to use a good image on the first page of search engine results. Further, this way, you will not have to use a ton of words to explain why your website is worth exploring. But, you will instead be able to rely on your images. In this article, you will find some tips for optimizing your images for SEO with or without an SEO agency. So, let’s start!

1. Use People to Connect With People

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When people are looking for professionals and experts, it is vital to show them some faces. Because this will give them a feeling of connection with people.  For instance, the right way to do it is by consulting the Top SEO Consultants. Their specialized knowledge and years of experience will boost your SEO approach. And which is not the same as when they want to buy a product. In such cases, you just put the images of people in your image search results. In that way, you will gain trust from your customers, and this way, you will humanize your business.

2. Use Google as a Window Shop

Of course, some customers will go directly to the eCommerce site they choose. But many people still use Google to find their online shop. They search the keywords and go through the results to find what they are looking for.

Using images to show your products at their best is a great way to catch the buyer’s eye. Put them in proper content, use the best light and angle, and there it is! This way, all the eCommerce websites get the opportunity to reach those people who are looking for a better price, nicer shop, or better quality of a specific product.

3. Local SEO

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People always use Google to do some research on local businesses. That is why there is more need to find those web designers who understand local SEO.

Also, the truth is that for boosting local SEO, images are the best thing! They really can help a lot, because people will be able to see what a specific store/cafe/restaurant looks like before entering it.

Furthermore, images help them decide where to go and what to do. Because they will not have to explore the place they found first. They will be able to check everything up online and see the experience. That is why it is essential to show them the best results in the search engines.

Pay Attention to Visual Content

It is always important to pay attention to visual content. Once the visitor enters your website, the main task is to keep the visitor engaged and interested. We must make sure to connect buyers with the brand. Also, this is helpful because it can lead them to buy a particular product way easier.

Use the written content around the image to get your visitors to trust you and your products. However, this still needs some time. Also, there are some things you need to know about optimizing your images for the purposes of SEO.


  • When adding images, make sure you don’t put those large image files because they can slow down your web server. Use an image resizing tool, and make sure you cut and adjust them to a reasonable size. That is the first thing on the list of things you should do for good optimization.
  • Use those file types that will frame your images the best. Use JPG type for photos and PNG type for illustrations. It is essential to remind you to compress them before use.
  • You are probably already aware that colors mean a lot when it comes to design. Therefore, you need to think about the colors before you continue with optimization. Think about the colors you should use to keep your audience. Just don’t rush. Take your time, and pick the best option.
  • Pay attention to the content as well. If you want to give the best and impressive results on the search engines, don’t use stock photos. If you do so, people will see the lack of creativity. And you might not get the results you expect to get.

Also, you can get yourself in an awkward situation. Some other designers may use the same photo for another site that covers a topic similar to yours. Remember- be unique. Stand out with your ideas and content. That will surely get you closer to reaching your goals!

If you have outstanding written content on your website, there is no reason not to do your images. Content on the page must match the content of the image, don’t mess that up.

Website design

  • Mark up your images properly because Google won’t pair your visual content and user’s search without that. Write brief, clear, and accurate labels for the title text, file name, alternative text, and caption if needed. Try aligning the optimized phrasing from your website with the wording used to mark the photo, if that is possible.


To sum up, image SEO has a significant role in giving your visitors all the information needed. But that is not all. It would be best if you also thought about all the other places the image might appear online.  Just think about how to use image SEO to reach more customers.

Also, boost traffic to your website, and improve your business and reputation. Just put some effort into this optimization, and you will see the results in no time. Good luck!

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