Every now and then, a new social media app arises. In the last year, one app took the internet by storm, and we all know which one – Tik Tok. No Millenials, it is not the song by Ke$ha.

For those living under a rock, Tik Tok is a video-sharing social media platform. It lets users make a variety of short videos that can be about anything. From dances to comedy, education, and pop culture. The duration of the videos depends on the users, but the longest is 60 seconds.

Most people went to check out this app at the beginning of the pandemic. Some are still just lurking on the app, and some of them even became quite famous.

Girl using TikTok

But, what if you want to try it out, for yourself or your company? What is the best tactic to use?

Don’t worry; we got you covered. Bucke up, we have some (marketing) tricks up our sleeve.

1. Find the perfect guide for marketing on this platform

The best way to start our list is by saying that a guide will help you tremendously in any field. Guides usually provide additional information, tactics, and marketing insight that regular users don’t know about.

The one that we found particularly interesting is the TikTok Marketing, Ultimate Guide.

TikTok Marketing, Ultimate Guide part 1

This little fellow will help you join the Tik Tok game in the best way possible. Social media managers, content creators, and marketers are the ones that will benefit hugely from this guide.

This is the best step-by-step guide that will help you master this popular platform like a member of Gen Z, even if you are a Millennial or a Boomer.

It comes in an eBook format with a lot of little tricks regarding the advertisement department.

Every social media platform comes with influencers, and the same goes for TikTok. With this eBook, you will learn how to analyze influencer marketing opportunities in a heartbeat. Plus, you will learn how to advertise through influencers and use their platforms for your own benefit.

2. Be authentic

Two girls doing TikTok dance

A big part of why TikTok is so popular is the fact that people are authentic on it. They are not putting up a facade like on Instagram; they are not trying to convince you that they live a wealthy life, and their profile doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.

So, the first and most important step is to be yourself. People on TikTok love that! Share your embarrassing stories, dance to your favorite song, publish your cover of a popular song – just do it!

3. Provide value

Your videos won’t “blow up” if you are just posting them for the clout. If they don’t have any value, people will scroll past them. Sharing valuable information, on the other hand, will guarantee you fast growth on this platform.

Pick something that you are a pro at – it can be educational in some way. But also, be creative as well, put a small spin on things, and make them fun.

There are a lot of “sides” on TikTok – pop culture side, humor side, cooking side, etc. There is literally a side of TikTok for anyone.

Find a niche that you are good at, and go for it!

4. Trending is a thing on TikTok

We know that every social media platform has its trending page, and people seem to especially love that on TikTok. So, if you see some song trending, a hashtag, or even a dance, use it!

Person holding notebook with girlboss hashtag

Videos that contain a trending hashtag, song, or dance are likely to be discovered by a wider audience. We still don’t know how the algorithm exactly works, to be honest. But, viral songs do make it a lot easier to get discovered.

This is the safest way to obtain a decent following from the start.

5. Interaction, interaction, interaction

Yes, I wrote that three times. And for a good reason. You need to be reachable on TikTok and interact with your audience in any way, shape, or form.

You can do the first comment method. It is basically about being the first one to comment on your own video with a question related to the video. People commenting on your video and under your comment is almost better than them liking the video. It gives you the push and boosts your video onto the “for your” page.

Put witty captions (with related hashtags) and ask questions in them, reply to people’s comments and like them, or “Stitch” their videos.

6. Make use of a Stitch or Duet

Stitching or dueting is a fun way of contributing to other people’s TikToks. And, through it, you may lure some of their followers onto your list – if you do it right!

Girl using phone on tripod

If there is a trend of somebody asking a question, jump on it, tell your funny story, and contribute to the trend with stitching or dueting.

7. Do it again and again

If you see that one type of video gets the most views and likes, do it again. This is also one of the safe ways to start your TikTok journey.

Why not do something over and over if it is working out for you? If some type of funny dance is getting a great response, do it again, but in a different setting, in a different outfit, and with different people.

People on TikTok love consistency – it has been proven over the last few months with a lot of different creators.

8. The beginning of your video is crucial

Just like with almost every aspect of a marketing campaign, the beginning is crucial!

You need to grab the viewers’ attention so that they don’t scroll past your video. You want them to stay engaged till the end of it.

3 girls looking at phone

So, go straight to the point in the first few seconds, don’t be teasing the audience, and don’t take too long. If you have a funny story to tell, be sure to start the video with something like “funny story, guys”, don’t just start rambling.

9. Make your content short and regular

Lastly, we have 2 things to talk about, and one doesn’t go without the other.

Keep your videos short – the replay value is important. Users nowadays don’t like to watch a 1-minute video. They are eager to see more and consume more pieces of content. That’s why it is important to post frequently.

There is no right number of posts you can make to be on top of the game. Just don’t be too pushy and put out 50 videos in a single day.

From 3 to 5 videos a day with a fair amount of time in between publishing them should be okay. But most importantly, don’t skip! Try to post every single day till you get a fair amount of followers.

You can record 15 videos a day, put them in the drafts, and save them for another day.


To finish this article on a good note, we will say, just have fun.

Use all of the little tricks that we listed, but don’t forget to have fun. Also, remember that people are attracted to like-minded people with good intentions and great quality content.


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