WordPress has done a great job creating several great plugins designed just for you who are looking for Event options. Whether you want to organize a new event for your workshop, promote a new product, organize a concert, or something else, the right choice for your site would be one of the event plugins.

With their extraordinary features, options, and perfect looks, you will intrigue many of your followers and users.

For event management companies in Dubai seeking seamless and efficient event planning on WordPress, integrating specialized event plugins is paramount. These plugins not only enhance the website’s functionality but also streamline tasks such as ticketing, registration, and attendee management, ensuring a tailored and technologically advanced approach to event organization in the vibrant events industry of Dubai.

To help you, we have compiled a short list of the best on the market that we have found. Each of the mentioned plugins also has free versions, and we recommend that you start with them, and if you want more, pro versions are also available. It is up to you to try them out and choose the right one according to your needs.



WPAmelia is all about optimizing bookings. From scheduling packages of services to managing resource bookings, it’s one of the most comprehensive solutions. The integration with popular calendars and virtual meeting platforms like Zoom can help you streamline every aspect of your business and booking process.

WPAmelia isn’t just another booking plugin; it’s your partner to make data-driven decisions. The reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights for optimizing business operations. You’ll get:

  • Data-driven decision-making with reporting and analytics.
  • Valuable insights for business optimization.
  • A strategic tool for business improvement.

Besides these benefits, the Amelia booking plugin offers you an unparalleled suite of features, including:

  • Outlook Calendar Synchronization 
  • Web Hooks

Integrate with third-party applications by sending appointment and event data after each booking, cancellation, or rescheduling action.

  • Automated Notifications and Reminders

Stay in constant communication with your customers and employees through SMS and email text messages, ensuring everyone is well-informed.

  • Google Calendar Synchronization

Seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar to create and edit events, streamlining your scheduling process.

  • Google Meet Integration

Enable customers to schedule online virtual meetings and book online events effortlessly, complete with instant confirmation and access links in Google Meet notifications.


Eventin plugin page

Eventin is a highly user-friendly event management plugin that lets users manage unlimited events and sell tickets at no cost. This plugin allows online organizers and educators to schedule recurring or one-time events with custom schedules, speakers, and event countdowns.

The outstanding feature of the plugin is a website builder that lets users launch dedicated event websites with a drag-and-drop editor like Elementor, Gutenberg, Oxygen Builder, and Beaver Builder. You can also integrate Zoom meetings and webinars to the event pages or automated email software like Zapier, Google Calendar, iCal, and WooCommerce.

Also, with Eventin, event organizers can create unique ticket IDs with scannable and segmented QR codes to share with event attendees. Also, integrations with Groundhogg and FluentCRM allow organizers to track attendance and export reports in a CSV format.

Event organizers can also offer VIP and Early Bird tickets to their audience by setting up custom ticket stock and multi-tier ticket pricing, offering special coupons, accepting payments or partial deposits, or accepting orders via email or SMS.

In other words, Eventin is the best event management plugin any event organizer can use to streamline the event management process.

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager pluginWP Event Manager does things differently than other event management plugins because they fit within a website and need only a minimum amount of configuration. Even though a newly launched plugin, this plugin has a whole set of powerful features – submission forms, customizable design that fits with any website, multiple view types, and event dashboard – to name a few.

The powerful Ajax search feature is a terrific addition to this flow, while the whole plugin is designed to work perfectly with third-party page builders. 

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar pluginThe Events Calendar is one of the most customizable event plugins. It has an excellent foundation for building more advanced and branded calendar views. 

The plugin lets event organizers import calendars from iCal or Google Calendar. The plugin is customized for a month view but can also be set up to show days and weeks. The plugin allows advanced customization if you know a bit of code.

This code may not have many additions, but the customization ability sets it apart from other event management plugins. 


EventOn Lite landing pageThis very efficient event management plugin makes managing, hosting, and displaying events short and fast. There are many event management options on EventOn, including updating or setting recurring events, adding images to event listings, and adding an opportunity to directly join Zoom or other virtual event software from the plugin.

Event organizers can also set up booking management tools, subscriptions, email reminders, monetization tools, session schedulers, and more for their events organized on EventOn.

Also, EventOn has a terrific UI experience, making it easier for users to navigate the plugin and its features.

Sugar Calendar (Lite)

Sugar Calendar Lite plugin

With a very enticing and intriguing name, the Sugar Calendar Lite plugin very simply attracts attention. When we start to consider its possibilities, we discover that it is not only the name that adorns this plugin but also many other characteristics and options that are offered to you.

One of the main features is its ease of use. Without too complex interfaces, this plugin will amaze anyone who tries to work on it for the first time. Also, your calendars will look amazing, and you will be satisfied with the results, thanks to the event filtering option with Calendar inside widgets and shortcodes.

In addition, this free version is equipped with options for defining the start and end time of the event and adjusting the date and time format.

Sugar Calendar Lite has been translated into eight languages.

Wrapping up

There are many event management plugins for WordPress on the market, so choosing the right one for you and your needs can be overwhelming.

If you want to try the best one, you should pick Eventin because it lets you manage multiple events at no cost. 

Many available features, like event page builder, various integration possibilities, analytics, and tracking tools, make it the best event management plugin available.


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