WordPress is a great place for people to kick-start their online setup. There are numerous factors that will determine your online success, but starting it off the right way, with a coming soon page, is the first thing that has to be check-marked to ensure a proper opening. Many criteria have to be met, but if you push the right buttons and persist in your desire to reach the stars, and WordPress is, without a doubt, the best platform to resort to.   However, no matter how great it is, WordPress is still not without a few flaws one of which is the lack of a software program that enables PDF viewing.

Since WordPress is a website-hosting platform, it is not strictly limited to the business sector. Due to its ease of use, people from educational sectors and offices prefer to have their website on WordPress. As people from both of these sectors deal with tons of documentation, the lack of a PDF plugin makes it considerably difficult to read or download papers.

So, to bring convenience to the entire document sharing process, the need for a plugin that facilitates all of this becomes a top priority.

Why Do You Need a PDF Plugin?

With a PDF plugin your visitors can flip the pages of the document, zoom in and out.

Simply to make things easier for those who want to view your documentation. With a PDF plugin in place, your users can flip the pages of the document, zoom in and out, and print out any material which they deem necessary.

Many of the PDF plugins multitask to provide services that facilitate excel to PDF and PPT to PDF file conversion. But that is not all! With the help of the right PDF plugin, you can download and convert any blog post to PDF format. Or you can generate a cover image for the PDF post that you want to upload on your website.

Considering its importance, here is a list of 8 best PDF plugins that will take the trouble out of the document viewing process.

1. PDF Embedder

The PDF Embedder plugin automatically resizes your content to fit the overall layout.

If you are a WordPress regular, you may know how easy it is to embed images into the text. Likewise, the embedding of documents into your WordPress can be equally convenient with the help of this plugin.

PDF Embedder automatically resizes your content to fit the overall layout. However, it does not necessarily take away the adjustment controls from you. It utilizes smart functionality which enables users to select a width setting and the rest of the document adjusts accordingly.


  • PDF Embedder does not rely on third-party services for embedding the PDFs. It utilizes Javascript which provides users with tons of controls over their document’s appearance.
  • The free version comes with many features which allow visitors to flip through the pages with the help of Previous/Next buttons. On top of this, visitors can deeply analyze the text through the zoom in and out feature.


  • The free version of PDF Embedder lacks some basic functions. For instance, users cannot download the PDF documents. Whereas, with a premium version, this task is easily done.
  • Hyperlinks in the PDF are not compatible with the free version. So, if your document contains a lot of necessary external links, then consider investing in the premium version.

2. PDF and Print

With the PDF and Print plugin you can create, convert, and print PDF files.

Looking for a multitasking PDF plugin? Then, you have come to the right place as the PDF and Print plugin allows users to create, convert, and print PDF files with just a click!

Simply add the PDF and Print button anywhere and start generating each file with individualized style. Although this plugin may seem like a perfect solution, there is a catch. PDF and Print come with a free version which offers many features. However, it lacks the enticing features that only the premium version offers likes adding watermarks, WooCommerce integration, and creation of custom header images.


  • Upon integration, this plugin immediately adds icon button to your entire WordPress website which includes pages, search results, posts, archives, and custom posts.
  • It enables customization in posts, margins, images, title, and document’s style.
  • The plugin comes with a detailed informational guide that takes users through its working step-by-step.
  • It requires simple to set up with no extra modification in its existing codes.


  • It comes with a monthly price tag of $30.
  • The plugin takes a toll on your SEO ranking as the generated print URLs are usually flagged as an error by Google.
  • It is not compatible with PHP7 and refuses to work with a page builder.

3. Vanilla PDF Embed

With Vanilla PDF Embed plugin you can integrate your uploaded PDFs to the media library in your pages/posts.

Free of cost, Vanilla PDF Embed enables you to integrate your uploaded PDFs to the media library in your pages/posts. To perform this step, simply copy the attachment page URL, and paste it into your posts. From there, it will instantly embed itself in your WordPress posts.

Vanilla PDF plugin does not have a premium version. This means that you can jump pages, look for specific information in the text, zoom in and out, and print the desired pages for absolutely nothing!


  • Vanilla Embed has limited features which are fairly easy to use.
  • The zooming and searching feature make up for a good reading experience for the visitors.


  • It may not be compatible with certain mobile devices.
  • It lacks a quick upload button. So to facilitate your users, you may have to depend on a third-party host to get access to the shortcode.

4. WP Advanced PDF

With WP Advanced PDF your visitors can convert your website’s content into PDF documents.

WP Advanced PDF allows the site visitors to convert your website’s content into PDF documents. What sets this plugin apart from others is that it provides the owner with unprecedented control over who gets to generate PDFs from the content.

With that being said, you can simply choose to limit this feature to your registered users or you can allow each individual to benefit from this plugin.


  • It allows you to customize your footers, headers, and logos with custom fonts.
  • The plugin embeds a PDF link in your posts through which the users can generate PDF files with only one click.
  • It easily adjusts the height and width of your posts for a user-friendly PDF.


  • If you have money to spare, invest in the premium version as the free version is severely limited in functionality.
  • It has compatibility issues with NextGen Gallery. If this plugin is turned on, users cannot download the PDF files.


DK PDF does exactly convert posts to generate PDF documents.

DK PDF does exactly what is it supposed to do which is to convert posts to generate PDF documents. Also, the utilization of shortcode for placing buttons at any possible place makes it a unique PDF plugin.

Apart from allowing users to have a custom header, footer, and logo, it copies plugin templates for a better PDF customization experience. It contains multiple shortcodes that enable button placement, page break, and content deletion.


  • It comes with a PDF generator tool that helps in generating a PDF copy of your articles.
  • DK PDF makes it easy to hide certain text which you do not want to include in your PDF generated files.


  • The PDF generator tool comes with a hefty price tag of $20.
  • The title of your desired posts appears in the header instead of appearing right above the content.

6. Best PDF Manager

With Best PDF Manager you can manages your PDF files into various categories.

If your WordPress website constantly deals with PDF documents, then you need to create space for this plugin. As the name suggests, Best PDF Manager manages your PDF files into various categories for the sole purpose of user’s convenience.

If you are in the habit of managing your PDFs from a single category, then chances are that you may be unintentionally causing confusion to your visitors. Instead, install this plugin, create lists, and divide them by separate categories to make it easy for your site users.


  • It is extremely easy to use. Just copy the shortcodes and paste them into the posts or where ever you want them to be. The link will appear in your desired spot.
  • It offers a multi-site license for $25 instead of costing hundreds of dollars for five or more sites.


  • The software updates may render this plugin useless for some time or until professional help arrives.

7. Gravity PDF

Gravity PDF is a plugin is for business documents and contracts.

Gravity PDF plugin is specifically useful for individuals who deal with business documents, contracts, and send the company’s policy back and forth. As the client fills the forms, a PDF file is automatically generated and sent to your email inbox.

Also, with Gravity PDF plugin, you can personalize your documents by adding your company’s logo, changing the font and color, and resizing your paper’s width.


  • No third-party is involved to help you with your PDFs. The lack of third-party means that there will be zero data breaches.
  • Complex-character languages are supported such as Chinese and Japanese. Also, it supports text that goes from right to left like Arabic.


  • Gravity PDF only works with Gravity Forms. This means that you would need to install the latter and create forms with it. Forms made with other tools will not be supported by this plugin.

8. PDF Product Catalog

With PDF Product Catalog you can generate and convert brochures into a PDF catalog.

A premium plugin for WooCommerce, PDF Product Catalog enables owners to generate and convert their store’s brochure into a PDF catalog. If interested, customers can download the generated PDF with a click and save it for later viewing.

With that being said, you can either create a single large PDF or divide your PDF based on various different categories. Also, you can customize your PDFs by playing with fonts, sizes, and colors.


  • It has five sample PDF templates which enable you to create a customized file through HTML and CSS.
  • It offers a full refund.
  • With the help of the admin panel, you can extensively customize templates, colors, font and size.


  • It does not provide quick and efficient support. So you may have to wait for some time to get a response.


PDF plugins exist purely for the purpose of enhancing your users’ experience. With a PDF plugin in place, you can guide users through your website and divert their attention to important documents.

Since the market is loaded with PDF plugins, it can be a little difficult to find one that fits your needs. So, make sure to go through our list, assess all the plugins along with their pros and cons to find a perfect match!


Qurat-ul-Ain Ghazali is a system engineer with a passion for writing, designing and anything tech related. Currently, she is the content manager at Classic PDF Editor which is a complete PDF suite that comes with free excel to pdf converter online.

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