Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Every celebration needs special preparation, doesn’t it? Let’s go through the actions you take to meet a celebration. As a rule, preparing for a holiday is a great pleasure both for children and for adults. As usual, you go and get some decorations for your house, buy some presents for your beloved ones and prepare delicious meals and beautiful decorations for the table. In short, all your attention is focused to fulfill your desire to please and exhilarate your children and guests.

But our article is actually not about the traditional methods of celebration. Instead, it is about the virtual reality where gifts are granted online, where designing websites for the celebrations are crucially important to catch up attention and not to allow competitors to prevail over you in any sense. The advance of web technologies brought about the cross-border shopping which gives advantages to both merchants and customers.

Irreplaceable is the role of promotion if you wish to boost your earnings through the holiday sales. But are your online store’s pages ready for the promotion? First and foremost, you should take care of your landing page as this is the page first to welcome your plausible customers.

Thus, we need to take you through several steps and introduce you to the most practical online marketing strategies to help you make your online store prepared for the holiday sales. More specifically, in order to blast out your sales on these lively post-thanksgiving holidays. Consider making the following online marketing options vivid on your website, basically, on your landing page:

1. Welcoming Message About the Holiday Sales

Welcoming Message About the Holiday Sales.

If you have decided on making sales for the holidays, your landing page should be the first to inform about that. So, take care to convey the important news through a cheerful, attractive and a brief message. The charm of your message should be achieved through an image. Where both the design and the power of the written communication matter.

2. The Tricky Nature of the Countdown Feature

The emotional influence that the countdown feature has over the visitors is powerful. This is a marketing strategy used to give rise to the psychological feeling of urgency. It is implemented through a six or eight digit window with the numbers decreasing and denoting a very specific time for the upcoming termination of the offer.

The emotional influence that the countdown feature has over the visitors is powerful.

This feature can also be manifested by a countdown popup – a popup window that is set to appear on a page at a specific time after the page is loaded or on performing certain actions. Thus, you can either provide some space on your site to exhibit your offer through the countdown feature or you can make a window that will pop up on being triggered by certain actions or after the specified time.

The difference between the two approaches lies in the essence of a popup window. The latter is apt to grab more attention. In addition, you don’t have to place a countdown popup on your landing page to refer to all the items on your website. Instead, you can place the popup ad on particular products – on the ones that are offered at discounted prices.

3. Invitation to Subscribe to the Exclusive Offers

Make a polite subscription popup on your landing page conveying a brief message asking your page visitors to provide their names, email addresses and subscribe to the exclusive offers. What’s more, your forms don’t have to be standard. In order to include other fields in your forms so as to better target your potential customers. You can install and make use of special plugins that can serve this purpose.

More specifically, there exist WordPress and Magento plugins that provide subscription forms where you can modify the fields and customize them to your needs either by removing or adding sections. After compiling the fields at your discretion and getting the final look of the subscription form, take the shortcode from the plugin and integrate it into your shortcode popup to get a subscription popup customized to your marketing needs.

Subscribe to the exclusive offers.

4. Truly Engaging Social Media Tricks

It’s not a secret that the social media is a powerful platform for promoting your products or services. However, many people abuse the opportunities provided by these platforms by making too many posts in multiple groups within a short unit of time, thus acting like spammers. To prevent such activity, social platforms have certain rules and infringing those rules results in having your account blocked. Fortunately, there are some useful strategies out there to help you avoid being marked as a spammer.

Well, let’s act smartly! What if you could create an opportunity for your visitors to share your special offers for you? What if the users visiting your website were curious to navigate and view your social pages? And finally, what if you could encourage your visitors to recommend your website to their friends? All these tricks will ensure your presence on the socials and at the same time will secure you from getting penalized. Thus, let’s get to the point by representing the steps you should take to make your visitants perform the above-mentioned actions.

Making Social Popups and Setting Them up on Your Webpage

As the name suggests, social popups are created and placed on a website to make it possible for website visitors to share the site information with their social media community. Make social popups as a smart strategy to ensure your presence on the socials.

Placing Social Buttons

This strategy is an alternative to placing social popups. You can choose this technique in case you already have one popup on your webpage. So, as stuffing a website with popups isn’t recommended, you can use the social buttons instead.

Representing Your Social Pages by Making Them Visible on Your Site

Make your Facebook or other social pages discernible by making a screenshot of the latter and placing it on your website’s landing page. This way, people will be tempted to access your social pages to get additional information on your product or the services you provide.

Adding a “Refer a Friend” Section

People trust their friends more than mere advertising and this is undeniable. So, let’s create an opportunity for our visitors. To inform their friends of our offers and give discounts for the following purchase to each of them.

5. Making an Offer with the Exit-Intent Technology

The exit-intent feature can be attached to any type of a popup. To make it appear at the moment your customers are going to leave your website. As an example, you can make an image popup and use the exit-intent extension to come up with a beneficial offer at the time potential customers want to leave the site.  This way, you will manage to bring back most of your plausible clients. In addition, also place a link in your popup so as to redirect your visitors to the relevant page.

Making an offer with the exit-intent technology

Before You Start Using Popups

So, you wish to use popups to bring in more traffic and to make more sales on the forthcoming holidays? Then, let’s have a look at additional recommendations to ensure your popups look more genteel and organized. Certainly, popup ads are well-known for their ability to capture attention. That’s why they are so frequently used by site owners. But what these folks need to keep in mind is that everything is good to its limits.

So, if you don’t intend placing too many popups on your web pages. You can really make essential use of these ads by making sales for the upcoming holidays. Consequently, it’s up to you to decide which popup should have a priority over the others. To be placed on your landing page in order to get you more revenue on these days. Wish your popup to be unique and more pleasant? Add a piece of music to your popup to start playing as soon as it opens.

Wrapping It Up

Certainly, every holiday such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday needs special preparation. While in the traditional marketing world holiday preparations include making sales and announcing of the offers through the traditional methods of advertising. In the virtual reality, promotion is made online using practical online marketing techniques. Especially outstanding is the role of having a beautifully designed landing page as this is the page first to welcome your plausible clients.

You should announce of your sales on your landing page and integrate some solutions that would, later on, serve the purpose of promotion. Also, make use of popup ads, but here you should keep in mind being polite and moderate. Actually, stuffing a webpage with many popups will influence both your rankings and your overall business image. But using one soft mode popup on your landing page will come to fulfill your arsenal of the most successful promotional campaigns. Indeed, nothing can be better than a polite and a beautifully designed popup window. In case you want to invite your visitors’ attention to the discounted offers.


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