Hi, guys! I am proud to announce that best responsive slider plugin, SlideDeck, is now officially free! You can download the latest version of SlideDeck to begin building top of the line sliders for your WordPress website.

Why Should You Download Slidedeck?

SlideDeck is highly customizable and flexible.

Multiple Design Options

SlideDeck is highly customizable. You can choose among different fonts, navigation style, arrow styles, and more with the visual options controls. One’s creativity is the limit when it comes to creating sliders using SlideDeck.

Showcase Social Media Posts in Sliders

SlideDeck, among various features to boast, has something called as ‘dynamic sources.’

Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

What are dynamic sources?

Social media is probably the best platform to amplify your business. Hence, if you connect your social media accounts with your WordPress website, you can directly show your social media content to the visitors on your website and greatly improve the chances of conversion.

SlideDeck’s dynamic sources will help you in summoning the power of social media to your responsive slider. Using dynamic sources, you can pull the content from your social media accounts directly to the Sliders and display it to your visitors.

SlideDeck has 17 dynamic sources

Awesome, isn’t it?!

Let’s see how it works,

For instance, if you have a YouTube channel and you upload videos regularly on it. Using SlideDeck, you can display all your latest videos from YouTube directly to your WordPress website in slide format.

Let’s take one more instance. Suppose you are a food blogger and you regularly take pictures of the delicious food you eat and upload it to your Instagram account. Using a dynamic source, you can display all your food pics from your Instagram account, directly to your WordPress website in the form of beautiful slides and gain followers!

Currently, SlideDeck has 17 dynamic sources.

Lenses and Templates

SlideDeck comes with 18 different lenses! It has added four brand new handcrafted lenses to its portfolio. Now build better and more beautiful. It offers 12 different templates, apart from lenses.

Templates will help you quickly configure your slides. If you’re lazy to build a slide from scratch, then templates are for you!

Unleash the Power of SlideDeck with Add-Ons!

SlideDeck offers few add-ons such as scheduler, import-export, lead generation and dev-addon.

SlideDeck offers few add-ons such as scheduler, import-export, lead generation and dev-addon. These serve a special purpose. You can use them to enhance the functionality of your responsive slider.

Each add-on serves a different purpose. Such as, you can monitor the number of views and clicks of individual slides with the lead generation add-on. Scheduler add-on will enable you to perfectly time your slides. You can display the slides at will.

Summing up the features of SlideDeck:

  • Tons of lenses to provide different skins and transition effects to your slider
  • Tons of design options to choose from
  • 12 Beautiful pre-built templates to make the process of making slides lightning fast!
  • Dynamic sources to show your content from social media on your WordPress website

Publish in Minutes & Wow Your Visitors

Now you know why SlideDeck is the best responsive slider plugin. Download it for free and get started with building your slides! What are you waiting for?


Shardul is a budding digital marketer who loves to read, write and watch movies. He's currently exploring the world of WordPress via WPeka and is in love with it. He believes in keeping things simple.

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