In most lines of business, one thing that takes a lot of time away from you is emails. Emails get sent out each and every day from and to your inbox. That means you always need someone or something sending, managing, and going through those emails.

The issue here is that you can’t really have 20 people working on just emails every day, and that is where a plugin comes in handy.

You should find a great plugin that is going to take over the workflow and do all of the emails on its own. Maybe the most important thing that a plugin can take care of is the periodical updates that need to be sent out to all of your subscribers.

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For a human, this would be a tedious task to do. So, why not find a plugin that does everything for you, automatically, once a specific trigger has been set off.

Also, the other benefit of using an email plugin is that you won’t be spending a whole lot of money on email marketing campaigns.

Now that we know what we can accomplish with an email plugin, the only issue that remains is to decide which one to use. Here are some suggestions!

1. SendFox


SendFox is going to be the first plugin that I talk about. This plugin is very simple to use and understand from the get-go. It has a simple and clean user interface and there isn’t a whole lot of complicated features just laying around.

With it, you can easily automate a lot of things, in just a few clicks of a button. You can create an automation that will send a welcome email as soon as someone subscribes to your newsletter or they simply create an account. Another great thing is that you can also add links that will lead your subscribers to some of your more successful content. This way you will ensure a steady flow of visitors on a daily basis.

When you start creating emails using this plugin you will be pleasantly surprised with all of the ways you can edit and structure the emails. From changing colors to adding pictures there is nothing that you can’t do with your email campaigns using this plugin.

2. FluentCRM


FluentCRM is one of the most popular names in the email plugin category. It comes with the ability to do email marketing automation within WordPress. But unlike other plugins, it doesn’t connect WordPress sites to any SaaS servers. Instead, it utilizes email sending services like Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid, etc.

FluentCRM provides users with a block-based email composer that makes it easy to craft beautiful email templates. It has native integration with Fluent Forms and FluentSMTP to collect leads and ensure faster yet reliable email deliverability. In addition, the plugin automatically integrates with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, LifterLMS, Learndash, MemberPress, WishList, Paid Memberships Pro, WPFusion, etc.

After collecting leads, FluentCRM can show complete contact profiles that include the contact’s general information, communication history, purchase history, and many more. FluentCRM also provides the users with multiple options to segment their contact lists and run targeted email campaigns, email blasts, email sequences, etc.

But the true potential of this plugin lies within its email marketing automation functionality. If you’re running an online store, membership site, online course site, blog, you can set up various trigger-based behavioral emails, follow-up emails, and many more with FluentCRM’s visual automation funnel builder.

3. Mailchimp


You have probably heard about this plugin before. This is also a great tool especially if you are using WordPress since it now acts as a bridge between your Mailchimp account and your WordPress account.

The great thing about this plugin is that it is completely free for you to use and creating an account is also completely free. Then again there are some limitations to the free plan, so if you are a big company or business you can opt for one of the premium plans.

The plugin is able to send out great email campaigns to whoever you have on your mailing list. It is also great if you have a lot of mobile users on your site since this plugin is very nicely optimized for them.

4. HubSpot


Here we have yet another great plugin for WordPress using which you can create great email marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes. You can create forms and all kinds of pop-ups which will help increase the number of people on your mailing list with ease.

The other great thing that this plugin offers is the option to add a chat tool using which you can engage even further with your visitors increasing the chances that they are going to subscribe to your mailing list.

Also, if you are feeling lazy, you could always use a chatbot that will answer simple questions that your visitors may have (this is especially great if everybody from your team is offline or away from their workstations).

5. Mailster


This plugin is not as cheap as the other ones, but it is really helpful and handy. The plugin is a great way to create effective email campaigns that are also mobile-ready. It has a great drag-and-drop builder using which you can create the perfect email campaign in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, without any fuss.

Also, considering its features and pricing, this plugin is more suited for big businesses that have already established themselves.

6. MailPoet


And last but not least is MailPoet. MailPoet is a great free WordPress plugin using which you can manage a whole lot of things on your site. You can manage your subscribers and you can also very easily import your existing mailing list from your CRM or any other marketing tool for that matter.

The only downside of this plugin is that it is free for you to use only if you have below 2000 subscribers on your site. So if that is not the case, you’ll have to become a premium user.


Whichever plugin you decide to go for, I guarantee that you will be satisfied. The only thing that you have to be on the lookout for is whether the plugin is mobile-friendly and whether it has a lot of features and tools using which you can create great-looking email campaigns in a matter of minutes.

I will once again recommend that you check out SendFox because it will provide you with a whole lot of features that are very well polished and work perfectly.


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