If you are in the affiliate market and trying to increase revenue promoting products then the plugin WP Coupons can be very helpful for all bloggers to promoting products and at the same time increase their CTR and conversions.

This is really a great plugin that works right out of the box. Most of the default settings work directly so you all you really need to do is add your coupons.

WP Coupons are very easy to install and configure. I personally got the plugin configured in a few minutes on my website WP Daily Coupons. All you need to do is add discount/coupon codes, images, and descriptions and you are ready to rock.

Let’s take a closer look at the features that are included in the WP Coupons.

Key Features

Display Options

WP Coupons - A WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Marketers

The plugin comes with display options to enable an archive template. Check out a preview of this in the archive demo. Set your coupon slug/URL, adjust the page width and padding. You can also use a shortcode to print out your coupons in case you have any issues with the archive template. Check out a preview in the shortcode demo.

Style Options

WP Coupons - A WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Marketers

Under the style options you can change the colors for just about every attribute that the plugin outputs.


WP Coupons - A WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Marketers

There is a built-in coupon widget that you can use to display on your blog’s sidebar. You can even make your coupon widget scroll as people read down your posts.


WP Coupons - A WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Marketers

Web performance is also very important to us. The plugin doesn’t use any JavaScript and is under 40 KB on the backend and under 2KB on the frontend.


WP Coupons - A WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Marketers

The WP Coupons plugin is fully responsive and scales great on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Wrapping Up

WP Coupons is definitely one of the best WordPress discount / coupon plugin out there. Trust me, I’ve tried many. Creator of the plugin is Brian Jackson and his brother Brett. They explain why they created the plugin like this:

“We were frustrated that there weren’t any good WordPress plugins out there when it came to helping us increase our conversion rates when trying to display coupons and deals from companies we were promoting. So we decided to develop our own plugin, and so WP Coupons was born.”

This is a great WordPress plugin, if not the best for affiliate marketers to help increase your CTR and conversions!

Details & Download Demo Price Range $30-35


Peter is the founder of WP Pluginsify. He is a big fan of WordPress and loves to write about WordPress. You find him here at WP Pluginsify all the time! Cheers!

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