Are you tired of getting distracted by cute cat videos? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered the best plug-ins to boost your productivity. They’ll keep you motivated and enhance your desktop experience.

So, if you’re ready to optimise your productive time, this list of productivity plug-ins will help you.

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1. Forest App

The Forest app gamifies your focus. It enables you to unlock achievements and earn virtual coins. The more you concentrate, the more trees you plant in your virtual forest.

The Forest team has joined forces with Trees for the Future. This tree-planting organisation allows you to spend virtual coins to plant actual trees.

This plug-in shows up as a little tree and enables you to view your forest as you work – which is a unique way for you to see your progress.

2. Fellow App

Staying productive during meetings can be hard, especially without your morning coffee.

Fellow App is a team management software that allows you to view agendas on your Google calendar.

You don’t need to waste time scrolling through tabs to find your meeting notes or task list because Fellow App is an effective plugin. It allows you to access all your notes, important files, and the elusive meeting link all in one place.

3. BlockSite

Productivity is only possible once you remove distractions. While you’re working, poker tournaments and Instagram notifications could easily lead you astray.

Customise it to block Facebook, Pinterest, and any other site leading you to procrastinate.

It works on all devices, including mobiles. The coolest part is you don’t have to stop using fun apps completely. Blocksite allows you to schedule a time to stalk your ex on Facebook.

4. Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker is one of the top productivity apps for staying organised. It’s a browser plug-in that helps Gmail users keep track of their communications.

You can manage multiple accounts with one plug-in. It saves you time from having to toggle between different accounts. For anyone that does use multiple accounts, you’ll know the frustrations and how annoying it can be to switch between your accounts.

5. Save to Pocket

The internet is full of interesting and entertaining sites. Unfortunately, they can distract you and have you burning the midnight oil unnecessarily.

Pocket’s Chrome plug-in enables you to save interesting blogs or recipes for later.

When you’re done with work, simply open the pocket and enjoy your goodies.

6. Facebook News Feed Eradicator

Does your Facebook News Feed zap your zest for life and make you feel nihilistic and unmotivated?

Facebook News Feed Eradicator replaces the algorithm’s picks, with inspirational quotes. You can still access your granny’s “Good Morning” messages, but you won’t get those annoying Newsfeed ads.

The next time you take a 5-minute Facebook scrolling break, you can stick to the time limit easily.

7. Buffer

Buffer is a social media marketing software tool that allows you to draft and plan posts. Schedule your posts across multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. How does it boost productivity?

It prevents you from having to go into all your social media accounts to post and get distracted by memes. You can maintain your social presence while sticking to your working hours.

8. RescueTime

RescueTime is a time management software that comes with a plug-in feature. It monitors your computer and keeps track of various activities and websites.

It creates timeshares in minutes and automatically divides time between clients and projects. You can also start a focus session and block distracting sites. It gives you a holistic view of how and where you are spending your time online.

9. Todoist

Turn any link into a Todoist task within seconds. This app allows you to come back to that interesting blog or journal later. You can also save documents as tasks and finish them later.

The Todoist plug-in allows you to view all your tasks on the icon in your Chrome extension. You can easily access them as soon as you’re ready.

10. Just Read

Do you get distracted by pop-ups, comments, page styles, and ads? Just Read lets you just read (no surprise there). It removes all add-ons and gives you the article in a simple format.

This plug-in also allows you to customise the theme to make it easier for you to concentrate. An extra feature that comes in handy is the AI feature that allows you to summarise the article when you’re in a hurry.

11. AdBlock

Let’s be honest, those “Hotties in your area” ads can really drive you to distraction. Ads are especially a problem for people who struggle with focus. It’s one of the key workplace challenges for ADHD individuals.

AdBlock stops all pop-ups, video ads, and tracking. It’s also open-sourced and free. Oh, and don’t worry, you can always turn it off when you’re ready to view ads again (wink wink).

12. Wunderlist

Escape the chaos of your countless random bookmarks and the 10 tabs you keep forgetting to close. Wunderlist helps you organise your favourite content in a to-do list format.

The sleep user interface makes it easier to add new inspiration or tasks to your board. You can view them in a clean format, making it much easier than scrolling through your bookmarks.

13. Toggl

Keeping track of time can be challenging, and let’s face it…boring. Track your productivity with the Toggl Chrome extension.

It sets a timer on your active web pages and measures your productivity. Start and stop the timer with the Toggl Button at the top of the screen. Try to beat your record by timing specific tasks.

Wrapping Up

Make procrastination and distraction a thing of the past with these efficient plug-ins. They can block out bothersome ads as well as daily distractions to help you manage your time better.

What are you waiting for? Build virtual trees with Forest App or remove annoying adverts with AdBlock. These plug-ins are game-changers. We hope you try them out and enjoy your new, and now more productive work days.


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