With site builders becoming a trend in web design and development, it is a plus for students to be adept with WP operation. However, although using WordPress is generally easy, teaching it can turn into a daunting endeavor.

With many elements to be addressed, you need to be well-versed with methods in which you can teach WordPress to students.

To help you out, we prepared this article entailing of tips for teaching WordPress basics to students. These tips ensure that they learn various elements well, therefore, earn their spurs in web development using WP quickly.

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1. Introduce Them to Dashboard Features

When teaching WordPress basics to students, the dashboard is the best place to start.

Learning WordPress is not rocket science. However, without getting acquainted with elements of the dashboard, tackling the most straightforward tasks may seem impossible. When teaching WordPress basics to students, the dash is the best place to start.

While at this, define every element and its task, therefore, helping them to address various aspects of the class.

2. Have an Existing Model With Features You Want to Discuss

To help students learn multiple elements of WordPress, showing them how they operate on a web page is only necessary. Before you teach WordPress basics to students, have a site with working features thus showing them both the code and how it should operate.

This helps them test their understanding of various elements as they know what is expected of them. Also, you may opt to use a known website as an example thus showing them the working of various elements alongside with the vitality of every component in the market.

3. Have Video Tutorials and Practice Sessions After Every Session

WordPress Video Tutorials
Image Courtesy – WordPress

Among the most challenging tasks, learning technical skills on paper ranks top of the list. Especially when teaching WordPress basics to students, practical classes should come in handy to ensure that facts stick.

Also, a trend in teaching technical elements is the usage of videos. To have an easier time teaching your students basic WordPress skills, prepare videos that explain various facts in-depth. While at it, ensure that you tackle various elements that students often miss thus ensuring that they are well-versed with critical components.

After each lesson, offer them practice tests thus testing their understanding and elaborating facts they are not well acquainted with.

4. Break Lessons Into Tiny Bits

A significant impediment in learning technical lessons is tackling various elements as a lump sum topic. Not only does this increase the chances of missing various components but also gets students confused.  To avoid this, cover every element by itself and link the elements after students are well-versed with each.

For instance, teach editing of content and theme as one topic, deleting posts as another and adding pictures to content separately. Later, show how you can correlate relevant elements to bring out a great layout.

Although WordPress an easy site builder to use, teaching it can trigger multiple headaches. With the above tips, however, you can quickly teach WordPress and ensure students are great with putting up WordPress sites.

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