The process of creating a website, writing compelling narratives, and presenting relatable imagery is one intricate network of decisions you make every day to establish a connection with your audience.

All of it aims to evoke emotions and inspire action, and all of it comes in the form of what can be called a trigger. From a psychological perspective, every decision we make has its roots in something that initiates it, a source.

It can be a well-placed CTA button, a review you’ve shared on social media to establish trust, or something entirely different.

Even without knowing it, you’ve been using profound but straightforward psychological tools to generate leads, get more people to your site, and improve conversions. Knowing what those tools are can be of even greater help to choose the right kind in the right moments.

Here are a few ideas for your website performance that can improve your customer connections and give you the conversions you need.

Learn How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Website Performance

Use Colors to Appeal

Improve Your Website Performance - Each color has a different connotation on a deeply subconscious level.

In addition to comprehensive and consistent storytelling, which is essential to your brand identity and connecting with your audience. The visual aspect of your brand is equally important in establishing that connection.

Even more so in boosting your website performance, since colors evoke specific emotions, create the right atmosphere on your website. They shape your customers’ impression of your brand. So, consider the use of color when making a business logo for your brand, and you’ll be able to appeal to your visitors’ emotions from a new perspective.

While you may love the color red, perhaps your brand should be represented by a subtler shade such as grass green, or sunny yellow. Each color has a different connotation on a deeply subconscious level. It means that you should research your color palette and choose the shades that represent your values and the emotions you want to evoke.

Create a Sense of FOMO

If you integrate a social proof tool into your website it will inspire customers to trust you more.

The fear of missing out is far from a new emotion. But it has found its way into modern-day marketing rather recently, and it has spread to how social networks operate, too.

FOMO can be easily evoked with the help of social proof on your website if you can show that other people are purchasing your products or signing up for your services. Your new visitors will be more inclined to join in the hype, especially if you have a limited collection or a limited offer.

To achieve that, integrate a social proof tool into your website and customize little pop-up notifications that will inspire customers to trust you more and even buy more quickly due to the level of interest in your offers.

Simultaneously, these digital tools help you showcase the relevance of your brand and inspire trust in your customers. Simply because they’ll be able to see how many other people are relying on your service or product.

Build Trust With Certificates

Improve Your Website Performance - If you have certificates on your site, your customers will be much more inclined to buy from you.

Cybersecurity is one of those growing concerns among business owners as well as customers. Among so many digital companies, yours needs to assert that it’s perfectly safe to purchase from your website.

Leaving credit card information, creating accounts, or anything else that requires high levels of trust. It is something that customers will consider with great care before they take such a leap.

Let them know that it’s not at all a leap of faith, but a well-calculated decision based on industry-relevant evidence. Depending on your business and how you operate. Emphasize what kind of security measures you’ve implemented to protect your customers’ and visitors’ security at all times.

After seeing prominently placed certificates on your site, they’ll be much more inclined to buy from you.

Time-Limited Offers

Make the most of your productive hours.

A ticking clock is bound to have anyone feel a little urgency to make a choice. Sometimes, this is the perfect way to get people to decide in favor of your product or service that seems to be on offer for a limited amount of time.

More brands are using a simple count-down timer on their products and sales offers to show real-time how soon the sale ends to invite more people to use that limited time window to save money on a purchase.

Why does this work? Chances are, if someone is already on your product page, checking out a specific offer, they have an interest in it. They might be doing something else. They might be in a hurry and inclined to postpone their decision. Unless that is, you give them a reason not to.

This time-bound trigger is simple enough and effective to “nudge” customers to get to the checkout sooner rather than later. Everyone wants to save some money when offered a chance.

Wrapping Up

Using psychology is by no means trickery. It’s merely appealing to our fundamental principles of behavior and discovering the key “triggers” for your particular audience.

We’ve listed some of the most widely-applicable ways to inspire action from your website visitors. Hopefully, they will help you improve your website performance and grow your customer base as well as existing customer loyalty over time.


Elaine Bennett is a digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. Besides that, she's a regular contributor for Bizzmark Blog and writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more entrepreneurs and help them on their business journey. Follow her on Twitter

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