10 MUST Have Design Resources for Web Designers

Are you looking for resources to make your graphic designs pop out? Do you want your designs to stand out and beat your competition?

The secret is to add timeless trendy design resources to your designs. To help you out today we bring you 10 design resources that will come in handy in creating designs that will excite your clients. The best part is that they are all free!

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1. Elegant Print Templates

These templates are customizable allowing you to build designs that match your unique brand identity.

Use these elegant templates to create eye-grabbing advertising materials to promote your business effectively. These templates are customizable allowing you to build designs that match your unique brand identity.

The templates will give you an opportunity to promote and advertise your brand using traditional but inexpensive designs including flyers, business cards, posters and more.

You can use these templates for commercial and personal use. The templates are available as a fully layered, renamed, grouped PSD file. They are also print ready making your job pretty easy.

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2. 15 Seamless Icon Patterns & Seamless Wood Patterns

Get 15 icon patterns that you can use to build your website background, headers etc.

Icons are one of the best design resources to create an attention-grabbing website that will excite your web users and get them to explore more of your content.

In this deal, you’ll get 15 icon patterns that you can use to build your website background, headers, buttons, posters or illustrations to give your website a WOW effect.

Adding icons to your website will help break up large blocks of text making your web pages interesting and appealing to read. Icons are also great for communicating an idea in just a matter of seconds as they are easy to understand.

Web icons add a creative and personal touch to your website allowing you to showcase your brand personality.

This bundle of 15 high-quality seamless wood icon patterns comes as a .PAT file and has jpg images of every pattern.

Check out these free patterns here.

3. 10 Colorful Grunge Textures

These textures will give your design resources a more realistic and genuine look.

Make your designs more trendy and dramatic with Grunge textures. These textures will give your designs a more realistic and genuine look. The textures will also give your artwork some texture and depth.

Grunge textures feature designs that give an illusion of torn images, dirty stains, creased pieces of paper and “broken” icons.

These textures are as popular as hand-drawn elements and have a huge interest effect on web users. Grunge textures give you the chance to express your brand personality and voice.

Use these textures for your website background images, web photos, navigation menus or overall layouts.

When using grunge textures set the texture layer to Screen, Soft Light, Multiply or Overlay depending on the kind of look you’re going for.

This bundle of 10 colorful textures can be customized to match your design needs. You can choose to use them as they are and still create winning designs.

All 10 elements are compatible with all major photo editing software that support layers including Photoshop, GIMP, Pixelmator, and others. You can use the texture on both PC and Mac. The textures come in .jpg format.

Get these textures absolutely free now!

4. iPad Air Mockups

This free resource gives you iPad Air Mockups in Photoshop shapes.

This free resource gives you iPad Air Mockups in Photoshop shapes. The mockups come in black and white versions.

Use these mockups for your user interface designs and boost the success of your designs. These mockups are great when you want to give your clients an insight into how your designs work in context without having to show them the complete project.

The mockups come in Photoshop shapes and you can, therefore, resize them without affecting their high quality.

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5. 201 Vectors & 30 Patterns

Bring life your website and other designs by adding vectors and patterns.

Bring life your website and other designs by adding vectors and patterns. Vectors and patterns make your designs more visually appealing and will hold your customer’s interest every time they see them.

Vectors and patterns are great for website backgrounds. You want your web visitor to be fully captured immediately they visit your website. The background is one of the first things that web users see when they land on your website so you want them to see something powerful.

This bundle comes with 96 vector silhouettes, 40 small vector icons, 65 tiny icons and 30 Photoshop pixel patterns.

All these resources are professionally designed, are customizable and will be useful for various design purposes.

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6. Heraldry Vector Images

Heraldry vector images will make your designs more elegant.

Heraldry vector images will make your designs more elegant and visually appealing to your customers. This bundle includes 24 vector images featuring banners, wreaths, swords, dragons, crowns and more.

These vectors will let you add some fun and drama to your designs because they are impactful and self-explanatory. There is no better way to express your brand personality than with vector images.

  • Vector images are awesome for designers as they are easy to stretch and resize without losing their quality. You can use them anywhere and on any device.
  • Are the best type of images to use in your design resources today because they will still be responsive and scalable for various screen sizes.
  • SEO friendly. SEO is one of the most important aspects of a website that every designer should consider when creating websites. So any way you can boost your site’s SEO performance, go for it!

This bundle is available as an instant download. The vectors are in .AI/.EPS/.JPG/.PDF formats.

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7. 48 Free Social Media Icons

These icons are professionally designed to give an artistic and classy feel.

Social media integration is now a popular and efficient way of marketing your products and services. People will generally want to share something they love with their friends and family on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. This gives brands an opportunity to generate a lot of online exposure.

Making it easy for your web users to share your web content on social media is very important. The easiest way to do this is by adding social media icons on your website.

For maximum success take advantage of this super cool free kit of 48 frequently used social media icons. These perky yet smart icons are guaranteed attention grabbers.

These icons are professionally designed to give an artistic and classy feel. They come in vibrant colors and are compatible with both light and dark backgrounds making them easy to see. They are available as an instant download, are super easy to install and use.

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8. 3D App Mockup

This 3D App mockup is highly realistic, comes in a simple and clean design and gives a 3D view.

Do you have an awesome app idea that you want to pitch to your clients? Bring your idea to life with this perfect app mockup.

Don’t struggle anymore with explaining how your app will work instead create a mockup to help clients visualize your app without having to create the complete application.

Mockups are great because they allow you to showcase your app’s appearance, its basic functionality and the visual details including colors, typography, etc.

This 3D App mockup is highly realistic, comes in a simple and clean design and gives a 3D view. By viewing you app mockup, your clients will have a pretty good idea of how the final app will look like and it will function.

Grab this mockup free now and start creating high-profile visual design drafts for your clients!

9. Passion Portfolio WordPress Theme

This theme gives you an awesome opportunity to showcase your skills and artwork.

It’s important that as a designer you have an online portfolio to showcase your work and give potential clients an idea of what you’re capable of.

An online portfolio is an extension of your resume and gives you the opportunity to convey your personal brand identity.

With an impressive online portfolio, you’re able to reach a wider audience and offers interested clients a way to reach you.

Grab this WordPress theme that is perfect for artistic creatives including photographers, designers, and artists who want to create a great first impression.

This theme gives you an awesome opportunity to showcase your skills and artwork in the most creative and impressive manner.

The theme has a minimal design, unique sliding portfolio, a homepage slideshow and unlimited portfolio galleries. It also supports mouse wheel scroll.

The theme is easy to install and use. Simply use the drag and drop feature to add your logo and contact details.

You can add as many galleries and pages to your portfolio. Web visitors can easily scroll through your portfolio using the mouse wheel and click on an image for a bigger view.

The theme offers you three custom post types to choose from. These are Portfolio, News, and Slideshow. The theme also comes with Ajax contact form so that you can give clients an easy way to contact you immediately.

Download this theme for free now!

10. 100 high-resolution Vector Icons

This bundle comes with a whopping 100 free icons.

You want your designs to be effective communication machines that convey your messages in the most efficient manner.

For this to happen, you have to get your visitors hooked immediately they view your designs otherwise they won’t give your designs a second glance.

To get this effect, ass high-resolution vector icons to your website. These icons will help your web users to easily navigate your website without losing interest.

This bundle comes with a whopping 100 free icons that you can choose from no matter what your web design needs are, you will find the perfect icons to use in this bundle.

Don’t let your web visitors struggle to find your content instead, give them an awesome way to get around and stay on your site for long with these icons.

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In Conclusion

There are hundreds of free design resources that you can use to create visually appealing and exciting designs that will have your customers hooked and interested in what you’re offering them.

Take advantage of these 10 top design resources to increase the effectiveness of your designs. Remember, they are all FREE!


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