Being the go-to graphic or web designer is every creative’s dream. This certainly doesn’t come easy. It takes lots of hard work, creativity and continuously reinventing your designs.

To stay ahead of the pack, you need to always be on the look for the freshest design elements that will add more life to the designs that you create.

We did the research for you and today we present to you 10 freebies that will make you go crazy! With these freebies, you can turn any boring design to a vivacious project that will excite your clients.

1. Starry Night Elements

10 Freebies That Designers Would Send A Little Prayer For

Nothing will put a design to life like a sea of stars. Draw your creative inspiration from these 100+ starry night elements.

The starry night elements can be used perfectly as banner or web backgrounds. You can also add some excitement to your marketing materials by adding the elements to flyers, business cards, invitation cards, posters, etc.

How about decorating a client’s house with a starry night wallpaper or wall decors? These elements will be perfect for that job.

You can also use the elements to design book covers, print designs, personal effects such as mugs, pillow cases, t-shirts, and handbags.

Why are such elements ideal for any forward designer?

  • They look excellent and sharp in print. Such vectors are quite easy to print, and their quality won’t be distorted during printing. So if you want crisp printouts, these are the perfect elements of choice.
  • The images will not be distorted even when you enlarge them. This makes these elements perfect for detailed illustrations.

Excited to bring your designs to life with these starry night elements? Grab them FREE now.

2. Pack of 284 Premium Design Resources

Pack of 284 Premium Design Resources

Add some drama to your design library with these premium design resources. These resource span across 8 popular design categories namely:

  • 183 premium vectors
  • 34 High-resolution textures
  • 24 vector illustrations
  • 18 Photoshop and Illustrator text styles
  • 12 Typographic Illustrations
  • 10 Stock images
  • Inkscapade Font & Original Ai File

Combined, the resources are worth $511, but they are currently available on DealFuel for free. As if that’s not enough, the pack comes with an extended royalty license. You can, therefore, use them in unlimited personal or commercial projects without having to add attribution! However, you’re not allowed to resell, share, distribute or give away the files.

These resources are great if you want to create stunning backgrounds, buttons and hero images. They are also perfect for designing t-shirts, CD covers, posters, flyers, and mascots.

Once you get the pack, the files will be delivered to you immediately after the download. Ensure that you have Adobe Photoshop CS3+, Adobe Illustrator CS3+, or any other application supporting. PSD, .ABR, .AI, .EPS, .ATN or formats to be able to use the files.

What are you waiting for? Download this FREE premium design resources bundle now!

3. Work Productivity Icons Pack

Free Work Productivity Icons Pack to Give Life To Your Website Design

Got a client who wants to increase their website’s productivity by having a site that is easy to navigate, has high readability and thus reduce the bounce rate? Then you’re in luck!

This pack of excellent work productivity icons is the right element to enhance your client’s website for maximum productivity. The pack will make the site more readable, easy to navigate and will help you highlight important features to increase visibility and give your site a unique style.

A few things to keep in mind when using these productivity icons:

  • Keep your icons simple. Focus on the characteristics of the object instead of trying to create a highly realistic image to avoid confusing web visitors.
  • Ensure that the icon you use is easy to understand. Web visitors should be able to determine it’s meaning in 5 seconds.
  • Use unique colors and shapes to make the icons stand out.

The productivity icons are available in: .PNG and .SVG formats. You can freely use them for personal and commercial purposes.

Go on and grab this pack of super cool icons for free!

4. Autumn Hand Lettering & Watercolor Designs

Autumn Hand Lettering & Watercolor Designs

Make your creations unique by deviating from the standard computer-generated designs and instead go the hand lettering way.

Hand lettering stands out more meaning your designs will be highly noticed. This pack of 6 autumn hand lettering and watercolor designs are just the perfect way to get started on hand lettering designs.

You can use them to design greeting cards, gift tags, business cards, t-shirts, posters, billboards and so much more.

The pack of 6 comes with 3 distinctive handwritten phrases and 3 contemporary brush font and calligraphy designs. The phrases are on an abstract hand painted watercolor texture isolated on a white background while the brush font and calligraphy designs are on the autumn theme and isolated on a black background.

New to hand lettering using watercolors? Here are a few useful tips:

  • Vary your colors between black and other colors. Don’t stick to black only.
  • Adding a swirl to the end of each letter will make your lettering stand out more.
  • An eyedropper in your ink bottle makes it easier to letter your words while a good round paint brush will help to make a vibrant expression.
  • For the perfect italic font, go for a good calligraphy marker.
  • Experiment with various lettering tools to master various effects.
  • Use a couple of contrasting type styles for words.

Ready to try out hand lettering? Grab these designs absolutely FREE!

5. Fashion Vintage Badges

10 Fashion Vintage Badges for Your Projects

As web design continues to evolve, we are witnessing more vibrant web design trends. One of the current trends in huge demand is vintage.

This set of 10 fashion vintage badges is proof of just what vintage can do to your web designs. Vintage designs are great for highlighting products in a unique way, promoting sale incentives, provoking users to take action, building credibility and ultimately winning trust in a brand.

This pack of vintage badges will give your website a vintage look that stands out placing it ahead of the competition.

The badges come with unique typography that will give your website a professional and vibrant look and feel. Typography is quite important if you want to make your website different from the rest.

With the badges comes creative ribbons that you can use to highlight important messages on your website to direct attention to them. If you have any promotions going on, nothing will highlight them better than a creative ribbon on the top right corner or the bottom right corner of your website.

Make you website background stand out by adding one of these vintage badges as a website background pattern. This will make your website have a visually appealing design.

Give your website users a personalized experience through these vintage badges. They will make your web viewers feel more connected with your web page.

Grab these vintage badges absolutely free.

6. Hand-Drawn Web Design Elements

Free Hand-Drawn Web Design Elements

What sets one website apart from another is its visual appeal. What catches my eye is what I will focus on immediately. You want your site to be highly visually appealing, enough to make me what to continue navigating through your site.

Want to make your sites more appealing? Use this collection of 100 Hand-drawn elements. With these design elements, you can transform your website into a more appealing and eye-catchy site.

These designs are perfect for telling a brand story in a thoughtful and creative way. Create the first lasting impression and showcase products in an attractive manner.

When using these hand-drawn web designs:

  • Use space creatively. Let there be space in between the line of text. By doing so, you will improve your website’s flow and readability.
  • Make navigation easy by using as few menus as possible to avoid overwhelming website users.
  • Use these elements to make your calls to action visible. Remember to place your call-to-action messages in a highly visible part of the website.

Grab this bundle of vintage badges absolutely free.

7. HTML Invoice Template

Free HTML Invoice Template with Auto Calculations!

Do you find it taxing to send invoices to your clients? Do you wish there was an easier way to do it? Want something that is not only useful but also visually appealing to reflect your creativity and professionalism?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then you must have this Free HTML invoice template. Be done with sending confusing invoices with a layout and information scattered all over leaving your clients frustrated as they cannot understand what you’re for.

This HTML invoice template has a lot of white spaces for visibility. The columns are all well proportioned. You will love the amazing typography!

The invoice has auto-calculation feature saving you time doing hard calculations. The total is drawn at the bottom right corner in an eye-catching manner. All the sections are carefully organized to ensure no detail is missed.

You can add your brand colors and a logo to the template to match your invoice to all your other brand materials keeping your branding consistent. You are a creative after all your invoice should reflect this.

The template is easy to use and is made entirely with HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3. It comes ready to fill out and print.

The template supports all languages and currencies as well as many taxes. It also auto calculates taxes, discounts, subtotals, and totals. You also get lifetime support.

Get this excellent HTML invoice template free.

8. Business Flyer Templates

9 Free Business Flyer Templates

Business flyers are still a valuable marketing material. Their effectiveness improves when the design is top notch.

With this pack of 9 free business flyer templates, you can easily create eye-catchy flyers in no time and without spending too much money.

This pack comes with 9 themed templates that you can customize instead of creating the design from scratch.

The templates are very flexible allowing you to change text, font, colors, backgrounds, and images. This gives you the flexibility to add your branding to the flyers to match your business colors.

They come in fully customizable PSD files and print ready format. They have high-resolution, high impact color images. Each template has unique color themes.

When using these templates:

  • Add relevant marketing text to the already available images and design. Have a catchy headline, valuable information and a good call to action.
  • Add bright colors, beautiful high-resolution images, and interesting typography to your flyers to make them more attention-grabbing.
  • Pay more attention to your call to actions. Be clear on what the desired outcome of your marketing campaign is and direct your customers to this result. Make your call to action more valuable by giving an incentive to act immediately such as a limited time discount, or a gift.

Download this flyer templates FREE now!

9. Vector Background Patterns

Free Vector Background Patterns – 14 Painted Marble Effects

The most popular and exciting websites have outstanding backgrounds. Beautiful backgrounds enhance the appeal of your website by giving it an easily distinct and impressive look.

Improve your website designs by taking advantage of these 14 painted marble free vector background patterns. These patterns are perfect not only for your websites but also in creating posters, flyers, wallpapers, wall decors, print designs and much more.

The patterns can be downloaded instantly after placing your order. They are available in JPG and  AI / EPS formats. You are free to use them for personal and commercial projects. You can also share or modify they as long as you give credits to Freepik.

Get these 14 marble backgrounds FREE!

10. PSD Design Resources

7 Ways to Make Your Website More Usable

A useful website is what everybody wants. Make usable websites by using this pack of 7 PSD design resources in your designs.

These resources will make all your design elements responsive and compatible with each other. This will thus make your websites appealing to visitors, increase web traffic and reduce the bounce rates.

Want to make your websites more useful? Try these tips:

  • Use ribbons to direct attention to relevant information.
  • Use badges to highlight promotions
  • Improve navigation by adding a drop down menu
  • Use tags to highlight special offers

Grab this pack of 7 PSD design resources FREE on DealFuel.

With these 10 freebies, you’ll now be able to create outstanding web designs that will leave your clients wanting more! Remember to get them now before the deal runs out.


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