Installing a search within your blog or website is a great idea to direct traffic and sales to your own pages and products. Users who can search a website easily tend to stay longer on the website. There are many plugins available for WordPress which allow you to add a search bar to your website to boost your business but WordPress Ajax Search Pro is one plugin which offers Ajax live search results for your users and customers.

Ajax Search Pro plugin is a live search engine WordPress plugin designed to make your website search-friendly with customizable layouts and responsive designs which make it very easy for the user and the company to use and install the search options on their website. The plugin also offers multiple language support with more than 60 vibrant and colorful themes which will make your website look even more professional looking and dynamic. Another great feature of this plugin is the stellar customer support team which offers all kinds of help and solutions in case of any difficulty with the plugin.

In case you are wondering if this plugin also offers image searches, the answer is a yes. If the search text directs to some related images, the results display the images as well. The users can also change the interface of the plugin on the front end for including or excluding a particular type of post or products. Clients which manage multiple blogs or websites can include all the blogs in the search inventory and enhance their sales and traffic accordingly.

You can also track the performance of the plugin easily with a built-in performance tracker which allows you to optimize and enhance the speed of the plugin. The plugin can be integrated with Google analytics for improving your page views with the searched phrases. Search Ajax Pro plugin is also regularly updated and many customer suggestions are also incorporated along with bug fixes.

Ajax Live Search Pro Features

Ajax Search Pro - Live Search Engine Plugin for WordPress

To sum up the benefits of this plugin, here is the list of all the features that this plugin offers:

 – This plugin allows you to add a customizable and responsive search bar to your blog or website.

– It comes with over 60 themes which offer different types and layouts of search bars to suit the theme of the website.

Ajax Search Pro - Live Search Engine Plugin for WordPress

– The plugin gives Ajax live search results combining data from multiple blogs or websites and combining them to provide the reader with the ultimate search experience.

– It supports images and comes with a visual composer add-on for displaying content like never before.

– The plugin supports multiple languages which can be chosen to display the search results more effectively and to a specific target audience.

– The back end support of the plugin is very easy to set up and can be customized to enhance the look of the search box.

Ajax Search Pro - Live Search Engine Plugin for WordPress

– The friendly and reliable customer support team makes it easy for clients and customers to reach out for any queries or complaints regarding the plugin.

So these are some of the great features of the WordPress Ajax Search Pro plugin which makes it easy for website owners to add a search tab to the blog or website which not only enhances traffic and sales of the website but also simplify the navigation of the website without compromising on its speed or performance.

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