Shortcode Mastery is a WordPress Shortcodes Builder plugin which has a unique approach to creating useful pieces of code. The main idea is to make the process of creating shortcodes as simple and intuitive as possible. You can create, delete, list, import and export your brand new shortcodes that allow you to be independent of the current installation and migrate to another system with your shortcodes pack.

Shortcode Mastery Plugin Features

Shortcode Mastery WordPress Plugin - Unlimited Potential of Creating Shortcodes

One of the main features of this product is the Twig Template Engine which allows you to use all available PHP functions in the values of all fields.

The creation process is divided into several blocks, each of which can be used independently depending on the task.

In Parameters section you can create an unlimited number of default parameters using text or Twig Template Syntax. All the created parameters you can use inside other sections like variables.

Query section represents a reflection of WP Query with almost all available query arguments. With the user-friendly interface, you can create unlimited numbers of arguments very easy. Especially during creation Taxonomy, Date or Meta queries.

Loop section is designed for generating repeatable code in a loop defined in Query section. You can use predefined templates buttons to easily insert the required piece of code or variable from the loop.

The main shortcode body you form in the Markup section. There you can insert your generated code from the Loop section, adds necessary HTML markup and insert Shortcode Content from the context where shortcode was called. Also, you can use predefined templates buttons to insert detailed information of a current post from the current context.

The Scripts and Styles sections are very useful if you want to insert any embedded javascript code or stylesheets from URL or just insert inline scripts and styles. Of course, you can use parameters in any fields defined in the Parameters section.

But how we can use our brand new shortcodes and customise them? Very simple! There is a special TinyMCE Customizer widget which is available on any page or post editor media panel. With this feature, you can customise all custom parameters you created and easily insert ready code into post or page editor body.

The new version of Shortcode Mastery presents the Shortcodes Collection. Now you can browse the collection for featured and useful shortcodes, inspects details and adds shortcodes to your system. There are many useful code examples, so you will be sure that the solution to the task will not be long. You can also try the free version of Shortcode Mastery Lite.

How it Works?

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