Once you have created a website or blog on WordPress, the first step is to ensure that your site remains protected from hackers and other types of attacks. WordPress sites can be attacked in different ways and a great way to protect your website from malicious attackers is to install a plugin which takes care of the security of the website.

Hide My WP is one such plugin which works towards making your site secure and safe in case of any attacks.

Hide the Fact You Are Using WordPress with Hide WP

Hide My WP - Amazing Security WordPress Plugin

Hide My WP plugin works by hiding your WordPress URLs which are commonly misused by hackers to enter your website. It acts as a wall against all types of attacks including SQL injection, CSRF, brutal force, XSS etc. It comes with a free version and a premium version. The free version works for all types os sites excluding Nginx, IIS, and multi-sites whereas the premium version works for these sites also. The plugin offers three layers of security to your website which are Lite, Custom, and Ninja layers. The Lite layer hides admin and login URLs of your website. The Custom layer renames the admin and login URLs in addition to hiding them. The Ninja layer hides and renames all the links of your website to offer complete protection from hackers.

Another great feature of this plugin is that it notifies the owner of the website which is at risk by providing all the details of the hacker including username, IP address, date, page etc. This helps in identifying the attacker easily in case of any attack. It is very easy to set up this plugin and customize it as per your requirement. It is compatible with all types of themes and plugins to ensure that your WordPress site remains safe and secure regardless of the theme you are using. It also compresses the HTML output of the site and removes all the comments in the source code.

Hide My WP Features

To sum up the benefits of this security WordPress plugin, here are all the features that Hide My WP plugin offers:

Hide My WP - Amazing Security WordPress Plugin

– The plugin hides and renames all URLs of your site to protect it from potential attacks. The different layers of the plugin offer foolproof protection to your website.

– The plugin blocks any direct attempts to access the PHP files of the website and notifies the owner with all the details of the attacker like IP address and username.

– The plugin cleans up all the body classes and removes the menu classes which are not in use to keep the website clean and secure.

– It is compatible with all other WordPress plugins and themes so you can install it without worrying about the interference of the plugins installed on your site.

– The plugin is very easy to install and customize on all types of websites including WordPress multi sites which the premium version supports.

So these are some of the best features of Hide My WP plugin which is one of the most popular security WordPress plugins available for websites. This plugin makes it easy for any WordPress site owner to protect the website from malicious attackers who want to access the URLs of the site.

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