Have you ever wonder how easy it would be to create membership system in WordPress membership site with the help of single WordPress membership plugin? And what if that plugin comes with a number of premium features such as content restriction, hassle free set up wizard, various payments gateways, drip content, inbuilt form generator and numerous add-ons with easy integrations?

If you are looking for that plugin then you are at right place. ARMember is an all-in- one WordPress membership plugin to create membership website you desired for. This is popular as ‘Swiss army knife’ amongst our client for its unique and versatile features and ability to provide the precise solution for each problem with its top-notch customer support.

ARMember WordPress membership plugin stands out of the crowd for several distinctive features and enables you to create vital elements of membership system. So what makes the ARMember one of its kind WordPress membership plugin? Here are few titbits about ARMember that our customer actually adores.

All-In- One Membership Plugin for Your Membership Website

Hassle-free membership set-up wizard: what makes ARMember one stop solution for any WordPress membership site is, its unique membership set-up wizard. ARMember features unique and simplest method for membership set-up wizard which creates the single shortcode to make treatment of whole participation process simple and advantageous. Along with that, it comes with built-in form builder to create an enticing login and WordPress registration forms with many other designing customizations.

Content Restriction

With Armember you can control all your content such as posts, pages, taxonomy, tags, files etc.


To gain total control of your web content has never been that easy before as it is with ARMember. With ARMember you can control all your content such as posts, pages, taxonomy, tags, files etc. And let you have controls from the root. As content restriction is the key part of WordPress membership plugin, ARMember let you restrict and protect any content you want with single click and easy-to- use interface as per the plan you choose. This is one of the premium features that makes it your first choice to develop simplest yet secure and advanced membership site.

Built-In Form Builder to Create WordPress Registration and Login Forms

Built-In Form Builder to Create Stylish WordPress Registration and Login Forms

Creating user-friendly and secure membership forms has never been this easy. As ARMember comes with built-in form builder to beautify your membership system forms such as Login, registration/sign up, forgot password etc. With the variety of form styles and materials to choose from. It enables you to create captcha free advanced membership forms with tangible UI. Moreover, it has added preview generator to show the changes you have made before implement the overall design.

Drip Content

Dripping content is the way toward deferring the arrival of substance in your WordPress membership site for site individuals. ARMember incorporates full drip/periodic content functionality which enables you to uncover your substance occasionally. This gives by an inbuilt module of ARMember Dripping Content. Moreover, ARMember provides three different type of drip rules called immediately. After the certain time of subscription, and specific date onwards respectively. The best WordPress membership plugin also allows you to create new drip rules for the partial content of any post and let you update already existed drip rule within the single click.

Payment Gateways

In few minutes you can easily configure payment gateway.

Payment gateways can be the crucial aspect of any membership site. But we brought the one-stop solution for all your payment related needs as ARMember supports various payment gateways such as PayPal, Pagseguro and advanced payment options which will let the customers pay with Credit Cards via PayPal Pay Flow. Moreover, ARMember is all set to let your client pay through mobile with a Mobile payment gateway. ARMember a WordPress membership plugin comes with popular payment gateways like PayPal, authorize.net, Stripe, 2Checkout, Bank Transfer. In few minutes you can easily configure payment gateway according to site’s requirement.

Built-in Integrations

ARMember offers a number of premium integrations as free add-ons which help you to create the most advanced membership website within few clicks. Unlike other membership plugins, ARMember comes with built-in integrations which other plugins offer as a paid add-ons. Moreover, it is a complete package to create membership system without having an even basic programming background.

Extension add-ons

These add-ons can equip your website with various features.

Add-ons are the first element that customer seeks for while purchasing WordPress membership plugin as they open the door for various services and functionality.

Add-ons are With ARMember WordPress membership plugin you will also get benefits with the wide range of extensions which as available as add-ons. These add-ons can equip your website with various features such as drip content, affiliate programs, mobile payments etc. Ultimate plans with the trial period: Unlike other WordPress membership plugins. We will let our client try the ARMember without paying an even single penny for certain period of time. To conceive precise idea about the features and the wide range of services we offer. That’s what makes ARMember, an all-in- one membership plugin, the most transparent and trustable plugin ever created.

ARMember – a Swiss Knife of WordPress Membership Plugin

There are several other functions and facilities that make ARMember a Swiss army knife for your WordPress membership site. These features include an ability to social connect, easy member management. Developer friendly APIs, buddy press integration. Single-click plugin integration and update. Woo commerce content restriction, periodic billing and many other features you can imagine of. Moreover, ARMember is equipped with the variety of add-ons such as mobile payment gateways, Zapier integration. Infusion soft integration, Mautic integration, Cornerstone integration and various affiliate integrations as per the needs of membership websites. Check out the ARMember live demo.

ARMember, a One-stop solution for WordPress membership plugin is getting even better with tonnes of exclusive features and add-ons are added every day with one click plugin update and rock-solid customer support. Hope above features are enough to build solid understanding and reasons to try ARMember WordPress membership plugin. If that’s not enough try one by yourself for free with our free trial period facility.

ARMember is a very good value. It costs $32 for a regular license. ARMember – Complete WordPress Membership System is available at CodeCanyon.


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