If you are an owner of a WordPress website, then you may abide by the securities of your WordPress website. You might also want to augment the security of the website; then this article is the right key to you.

WordPress security is a crucial negotiation because at present the extortionists are increasing expeditiously. So you have to stay up to date with the defensive strategies to fleece out the hijackers. You might hear about many websites are getting hacked every day.

So without making this article wearisome, let’s come to the main defensive strategies that will make your website unbroken easily.

1. Make Sure You Do Follow WordPress Plugins and Themes Best Practices


This point comes in the list of top of defensive strategies because of the security vulnerability influences circa 50% of websites and underlain by an obsolete or lousy coded WordPress plugin or themes.

So you should always use plugins and themes from the WordPress directory.

2. Never Forget to Use WordPress Security Plugins

You still have the necessity of a tool for the inspection of malware that is attacking the site. WordPress security plugins are made to do this.

A WordPress security plugin always supervises your website by scanning malware and by continuously monitoring your website to keep attackers away.

3. Always Assort Best Hosting Companies


You must always choose the best hosting companies for your WordPress website because your site is not a piece of cake to be hacked down.

An excellent hosting company always bestows you the adscititious layers of security. Whereas a cheap hosting does not provide better securities to your website and can cause your site harm.

4. If You Are Doing Directory Browsing and Indexing, Then Stop It Immediately


The hijackers can hack your website. If you are doing directory browsing and indexing. The hackers who have been keeping an eye on the content of your website’s directory can hack your site easily.

By directory browsing and indexing always render hackers eventuality to hack your site. So never do directory browsing and indexing.

5. Limit Your Login Attempts


If you always try to login into your WordPress many times, then you are allowing the hackers to hack your site. By doing this, you are making your site permeable for Brute Force Attacks.

So try to limit your failed login attempts and to prevent this you can also use the Web Application Firewall (WAF) setup.

6. Backup Your Website


Despite having all these defensive strategies. Some times your website gets hacked by the hackers.

So for extra superintendence, make sure you have a backup in your hands as it will make you easier to restore the site again.

There Are Also Many More Techniques That You Can Follow to Prevent Your Website From Hacking Down Like:

  • You can use two-factor authentication for your WordPress.
  • Disable XML-RPC in WordPress.
  • Disable file editing on your WordPress.
  • Never forget the harness of strong and unique passwords for your WordPress.
  • Turn off the Apache Signature information.

By bringing all these strategies into play, you can forge your website more secure and unbreakable.

Genuinely WordPress security is not a difficult task; you can secure your website to a greater extent by following all these apexes.

WP Force SSL and WP Login Lockdown are also important for WordPress security because they help to encrypt and secure communication between the website and its users, as well as preventing brute-force attacks on the login page.

This is a guest post from Parv Sharma from Express Tech.


Editorial Staff at WP Pluginsify is a team of WordPress experts led by Peter Nilsson.

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