When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), the attribute or elements matter the most. And part of those characteristics that is, for the most part, disregarded and missed out is the type of web host that you choose. More often than not, it is the last detail that web owners think about.

But little did you know that the kind of web host you are using can have a massive impact on your SEO rankings. The degree and magnitude of the impact will rely upon your website’s size and its traffic levels. However, your web host is either damaging or supporting your SEO rankings. And obviously, you’d want a web hosting plan that supports your rankings.

If you want to ensure a high rank for your site, then a quality web host is a crucial place to begin. It may be often neglected, but it’s an essential factor in gauging the rankings of your website. Below are six reasons why a quality web host is critical for SEO.


No hosting provider can assure a hundred percent uptime.

No hosting provider can assure a hundred percent uptime. However, the better your web host, your website will have a higher uptime.

If your website has been experiencing a lot of downtimes, then it is, for the most part, the perfect time to consider changing your web hosting plan. Having your website down should not impact your SEO rankings that much. However, it can have an adverse effect on your user experience.

If a user or an individual tried to navigate your website, and your website is down, they will never come back. And for this reason, it can have an adverse effect on your CTR and bounce rate from the search engines.

Moreover, the quality of your host is a significant factor in determining the availability or accessibility of your site. And the lower the quality of your host, the more time your website will experience downtime, which can hurt your rankings. You can check the uptime of various hosting servers at Mango Matter Media.

Website Speed

We all know that the speed of a website is a crucial ranking factor for search engines. With that said, the faster your website loads, the more opportunities will rank high in the search engines.

But keep in mind that having a fast loading website is not enough to put your web page to page one. However, if you have reliable and robust offsite and onsite SEO and you improve the speed of your site, you’ll begin to see your SEO rankings skyrocket.

On the other hand, a host with a slower speed will end up in poor user experiences because they will be staring and sitting at a blank screen. And poor UX (user experience) translates to poor metrics, such as low time on a website, and high bounce rate, both will make your SEO rankings down. You can also check your website speed here.

Data Loss

Nobody wants to lose their data and rankings. However, there’s a likelihood that your website will face a downfall. Whether it is a disaster at your web hosting provider’s data center, getting your website hacked, or accidental website data loss, it can happen.

To secure and shield your rankings and website from data loss, you must have a backup system. An excellent host will surely have some kind of backup system that’ll aid you in recovering from any disastrous scenarios.

SSL Certificate

Security Socket Certificate (SSL)

In the online world, trust is crucial. It’s huge. So, if your website does not seem or look trustworthy or reliable, then search engines will not trust you. Therefore, you will have a difficult time boosting your rankings.

And this is also true for your site visitors. If your website visitors do not trust you, then, like it or not, they will not buy anything from you, or they won’t stay with your business for long.

Fortunately, there is an easy and effective way to boost your website’s trust. And that is to install or employ an SSL certificate on your website.

This certificate will secure the connection between your visitor’s web browser and your server. It will enable a secure and safe way of exchanging personal information. However, aside from making your users feel safe and secure, an SSL certificate will also aid your website to boost its SEO rankings. Google has considered these certificates as an important ranking factor since 2014.

Server Performance and Location

Server performance and location is yet another critical factor that affects the overall performance of your website. Now, it will rely upon the type of web host you are using.

Say, for instance, if you are using cloud VPS hosting, server location will not be a factor. However, if you are using a dedicated server, VPS, or a shared server, then server location matters.

Meaning, those users who are far away from the server location will experience slow loading sites. But if you have an excellent quality web hosting plan, it will translate to a high performing server and an integrated CDN.

Technical Support

You have a capable and dedicated team to help you out.

When your site experiences some downtime, you’ll probably panic and worry too much. And in these moments or situations, you can determine your hosting provider’s true character.

So, before choosing a host, ensure that it offers 24/7 technical support. By this, you won’t have to worry about downtimes because you have a capable and dedicated team to help you out.


There’s no perfect web hosting solution for every kind of site. A host that’s SEO-friendly will carton the style of website you have and the level of traffic you are generating.

To find that perfect SEO-friendly web host, you need to consider some hosting-related factors. First, you need to ensure that the web host has excellent performance.

Also, it should offer a backup system, can purchase or install an SSL certificate, and many more. All in all, keep in mind that your web host can have a significant effect on your SEO.

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