The technological world is growing in such a way that everything includes innovation and automation. Starting from the computers that have begun to write codes without the need of the programmer, till hospitals and schools, everything is getting more advanced. These technological advancements are the major thread that tends to hold the bright future of any organization.

And with the introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the machines are becoming intelligent and smart in a way that no human would need the support of any external being.

The same goes for the case of CMS. WordPress is one of those platforms that is widely being used all over the internet, and artificial intelligence has already found its way into the world of WordPress. There are already many WordPress plugins that the user can use every day.

No matter if it is, the task is to convert a website to a WordPress site! Here are some WordPress plugins using AI that would help.

Artificial Intelligence and WordPress

AI and WordPress go hand in hand. The plugins that are specifically Artificial Intelligence centric tend to provide users with lots of options and features like correction of grammar, WordPress search, boosting e-commerce sales, and numerous related things.

Different plugins, complete different tasks, and the user can choose among various products with numerous functions and pricing. In addition, the website would be faster and would be far more responsive. The best thing about this combination is that it takes care of many issues that allow them to spend more time on other essential things in the business.

WordPress Plugins Using AI

AI is popular technology, and when it comes to WordPress, the following plugins tend to be useful in the entire process. Let’s have a look at recent plugins that provide advancement to the users and best PSD to WordPress company.


Wordlift is a plugin that use AI to analyze and process human language.

Wordlift is a plugin that implements AI to analyze and process human language. Once the content is understood, and the information is found what it was looking for. It tends to invest efforts at improvising the content along with the enhancement of content display and search engines. Not only this, but a knowledgeable graph is used to provide SEO tips for improving the content.

It can convert text into machine-understandable languages, which helps it to create facts, images, links, visuals, and many such things that tend to make the content further engaging. This would contribute to the SEO perceptive and would also result in an increase in traffic.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera Web Malware Scanner is a plugin that scan the website for malware and viruses.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner is a WordPress security plugin that tends to scan the website through malware, viruses, trojans, and anything that is going to harm the site. The plugin uses artificial intelligence and cloud technology that tends to do all the tasks. The AI gives the ability to not only identify threats but also recognize the ones that are not known.

Although it is just a scanning tool and fails to protect the website from getting affected.


If you encounter spam comments Akismet is a perfect solution.

Akismet is another exciting plugin that the user should be familiar with. It is one of those plugins that are pre-installed with every WordPress installation. An ample number of WordPress users and website owners have been using Akismet for quite some time now. If you encounter any spam comments, that undoubtedly run your WordPress without the use of this plugin.

One of the only drawbacks of this spam is that they are the sole reason, and the cause of the website slows down and performance. But with the help of this plugin. There would be an implementation of Machine Learning and AI that tends to sort out all the clutter, including spam comments that pop-ups on the website. Not only this, but it also notes the bots that ten to hit the site while it keeps running in the background without any knowledge.

Google Language Translator

Google language translator is a flexible plugin to create a multilingual website.

If the website owner wants their user to easily translate their website content without actually constructing a multilingual website, then Google language translator is one of the most flexible plugins for them.

The plugin tends to bring Google’s AI and machine learning translation engine to the website. The user has the authority to choose languages that they want to display on the website. The user can add the translator to the site by utilizing the sidebar widget or shortcode.

Live Chat

Live Chat is a AI-powered virtual chat agents for WordPress websites.

Live Chat is categorized as one of the most amazing AI-powered virtual chat agents for the WordPress website; this plugin adds 24/7 live chat assistance with the guidance of an automatic bot.

First, the user has to train their bot by presenting answers to the several regularly requested questions. Their original processors balance difficulties with appropriate keywords and provide resolutions to customers as they have performed.

Live Chat is one of the machine-learning chatbots that recognize communication with other customers and handle it to develop over time. If the bot does not understand any question, it would then shift the discussion to a live operator. The user can then manually switch to live support with only one click.


The plugin Watsonfinds examining text elements on the website.

Watsonfinds – The power of knowing that what others think about you is altogether a different sort of feeling. And what if I tell you that there is a WordPress plugin that can help you with it, and does provide you with the same power. When the developers select a productive method for any project, they can perform something original and exciting.

Due to productive developers, Watsonfinds have an impressive feature. After examining text elements on the website, it informs every user that how much delight or fear they receive.

Moreover, the user can scan for effects or on any other kind of data – letters, posts, emails, on other websites, and so on. Thus there is no difficulty in the fact that it is an areally alluring tool that tends to produce content that everyone will like. Download this plugin and then trying to be a user’s mastermind.

My ChatBot

With My ChatBot users can construct their own branded chatbots

The plugin by Dialogflow is the type of plugin as WordPress Chatbot with AI. It provides the user with many features and characteristics. With the help of “My ChatBot,” the user can construct their own branded chatbots.

Not only this, but with the help of Mychatbot. The user can add hyperlinks in the response with message content that is used with HTML markup. Also, the user tends to answer quickly, and it supports visual elements in the messages.

 After the Deadline

After The Deadline is a artificial intelligence-powered syntax checking plugin.

After The Deadline” is the plugin that was earlier prepared as a standalone WordPress plugin, but it is now accessible as a member of the JetPack plugin suite. This plugin is categorized as one of an artificial intelligence-powered syntax checking device that examines the readability of the content to assist the way the user writes.

It tends to sustain the American, British, and Canadian English with restricted grammar support for the French and German styles. It is also accessible as a Google Chrome addon as an option to the JetPack module.

Kindred Posts

Kindred Posts use artificial intelligence to learn about the visitors and recommend content.

Kindred Posts presents the site with a widget that suggests related data to visitors. While that is not a different thing, this is the plugin that tends to use artificial intelligence to learn and to read more about the visitors and recommend the content, respectively.

As a result, more people tend to communicate or interact with the site. The more targeted the references and the sources become. The user can connect and deliver with the service and with the Google Analytics to follow what recommendations get agreed on the greatest. Thus, the plugin operates out of the case with minimal settings and features.


Recomendo present users with data that is beforehand personalized.

There are times when it is right to have tools that are good enough to prophesy the variety of data that the user needs to witness. Besides, Recomendo can present each user with data that is beforehand personalized. Due to cloud servers, Recomendo doesn’t have an authority on the website activity.

The user would be exhilarated to discover that it is simple to install. The user only needs to set up Recomendo. Initiate it with a support code, and then they can accept it clean way. Moreover, if the user has any apprehensions about Recomendo, they can examine it out with a free one-month trial.

In Conclusion

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the combination that continues to steep up the lives of people and things around. It is a rapidly advancing area of technology that has found its way to the WordPress sphere.

There are a growing number of WordPress plugins using AI and machine learning to improve performance and also offer services that are not available — starting from language processing, curation of the content, and emotional analysis of automatic support.

The list above with WordPress plugins using AI we put together hopefully gives you a much deeper clarity of the topic. Although it would be fascinating to see what other applications for artificial intelligence offer in the future. We hope that this article has provided you with adequate information you need. If you have any issues regarding the following topic, then you can write a comment in the comment section below.


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