Blogging is one of the most growing fields in this age of digitalization. Many people have a taken a liking towards the field of blogging and they have started their blogging websites. WordPress is synonymous with blogging; almost every blogging site is created using WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress is one of the most used CMS that is used for building websites, uploading themes, making tweaks and managing the admin panel of the website. But this cannot be done without the correct tools and the correct plug-ins. WordPress can make the best website for your blogs and help you get traffic on your blog and ultimately make revenue out of your website.

WordPress Strategies  for Your Blogging Website

In this article, I have covered the best tools for WordPress that as a blogger you should follow and use for your blogging website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is a tool for WordPress that is used for improving the on-page SEO. It is a complete SEO solution for the WordPress. This tool is simple to use it is much more than the conventional Meta Tag additions. This can be used for various purposes such as adding custom post title. Meta description and Meta keyword for post and pages on the blog. This WordPress SEO tool also shows a snippet preview of the Google search result for your content. Apart from that, it can also get your blogging website a verified Google authorship.

It can also create XML sitemaps that do support and once your content is live. It notifies the search engines automatically.

Backup Buddy



Backup Buddy is one of the tools of the WordPress that you can use to secure your website from vulnerable threats like hackers, viruses, server disasters and data loss. Every website there is on the internet is vulnerable to some of the other kind of threat and it is important to save yours from these threats. Backup Buddy allows you to create an automatic backup of your WordPress website and then save these on multiple locations such as cloud storage, computer or even FTV servers.

Apart from these above-mentioned tools for WordPress, there are more additional tools that you can consider for your websites.

W3 Total Cache



W3 Total Cache is used to improve the SEO and the user experience of the website by increasing the performance of the website and reducing the loading time of the website. This is done by adding the features of Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration. It is also used to improve the page rankings in the search engines for the mobile websites and the sites that use SSL. It results in at least 10X improvement in the overall performance of the website.

The W3 Total Cache also results in improved conversion rates and the performance of the website. This directly affects the rank of the website in

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a new WordPress tool that is designed and offered to the bloggers using WordPress to help them add engaging forms onto the website especially in the key locations. It makes it very easy for the blogger to test different form. Monitor the progress and then choose the one that is perfect for your blog. There are many different themes and templates and other varied features that will greatly impact your efforts and hard work of list building.

It is very easy to use and comes with tutorial videos for your assistance. The Thrive Lead is the used in every major opt-in form and it does support every kind of the form. It comes with some amazing templates which are customizable.

Broken Link Builder

Broken link building is one of the most common practices that are used by bloggers as a part of SEO for their websites. It involves finding resources that are not live anymore and recreating aversion of the content. Reach out to the webmasters who link to the content. Ask them to remove the broken link and replace it with the new content.

Broken Link Builder is one such tool for WordPress that you can use for rectifying the broken links found on the web. By using this not only you are making your website more optimized but also giving value to the webmaster and helping them in cleaning the web.

Survey Maker

Survey Maker

To know better about your customer satisfaction and to let customers share their feedback in one of the easiest ways are Surveys which are the greatest and the best solution. This is where the Best Questionnaire Plugin for WordPress will come to the rescue․ Setting up an online survey will be a great idea as knowing your customers’ opinions, and suggestions can improve your website quicker than you think.

You can generate more Leads, have more customers therefore to have more sales. So the best solution for improving sales is to know what is the demand in the market, and your target audience’s needs and offer that product, to know the cons and pros of your business, and to change that one in your business.

Some Other Tools You Can Use Are

  1. Sucuri
  2. All in One Rich Snippets
  3. WP Smush
  4. Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

In Conclusion

You can use the above-mentioned tools and WordPress strategies for your websites and see the improvement in your website. Not only your rank on the search engines will improve but the performance of your website will increase marginally. You can also create a backup of the website and save it from threats too.


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