If you are a musician, artist, band, entertainer, or in any way involved in the music industry and want to create a better online presence, then I have good news for you. In today’s article, I have searched high and low to find the best free WordPress music themes.

Although there are plenty of WordPress themes providers with premium WordPress themes to choose from, I have decided only to highlight free themes in today’s article.

Don’t we all like music? Today it is so straightforward to reach and access all kinds of music by listening to it through streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, but also other online services. Just hit play on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, and get access to millions of songs directly.

When I work at my computer, I always have music thundering from my speakers. Some prefer a quiet and calm environment to be able to concentrate. I’m the opposite; I need loud music to be able to work effectively. (presumably one of the reasons I work best alone) Preferably hard rock and heavy metal roaring in my office.

As a musician or artist, visibility is one of the most significant factors, and having an engaging website is essential. Another factor is to rank high in the search engine search results, which can be made possible with a little help from SEO and, of course, well-optimized WordPress themes.

So let’s get started…

Best Free WordPress Music Themes for Artists and Bands

These WordPress music themes in today’s article can be great alternatives for you to get started. (They are free and wallet-friendly); however, there is the option to upgrade to pro versions of most themes in the list if you need more features and support.

Grab any of the WordPress music themes and promote your work. Kick your music website into full swing, shout it out from the rooftops and promote it everywhere to get your fans to find your excellent site.

Ready to rumble? Awesome ninja stuff coming your way below!

Creativ Musician

Creativ Musician is a free WordPress music theme from Creativ Themes.

Creativ Musician is a creative and full-fledged music-oriented free WordPress theme from Creativ Themes. With this theme, artists, musicians, and bands can promote their content clearly and attractively.

While this is a free theme, I am a bit surprised by the number of great features included. That’s a big plus to the creators. Here are some of the features included in the theme.

Via the live customizer, you can boost your setting with several theme options, homepage settings, frontpage settings, featured slider, and much more. If you need more features, the theme is also available in a premium version.

Creativ Musician is a theme that is flexible and very configurable with a great and attractive look and style.

My Music Band

Music Freak is a creative free WordPress music theme from Theme Palace.

My Music Band is a free WordPress theme from Catch Themes. It is designed especially for musicians and music bands to promote their music and products. It is a responsive and adjustable theme full of great features and options to create a perfect music website.

With the live customizer, you have access to all options to enable, customize, and change settings for basically everything regarding the theme’s design and functions. There are a significant number of features to boost your music site. Via the theme options, you can set up playlists, layouts, slides, hero content, pagination, portfolio, search, and much more.

My Music Band is a theme you should try if you are in the music industry. Furthermore, there is also a premium version for you who do not consider the free version suffices.

It is a theme that suits me perfectly — lots of features to set up the theme, just as I want.

Music Freak

Music Freak is a creative free WordPress music theme from Theme Palace.

Music Freak is a free WordPress music theme from Theme Palace. If you are a musician or play in a band, this theme is a suitable choice. It’s a free theme with limited features but still worth a try. However, if you need more features, there is the option to upgrade to a premium version.

Features included in the free version are the live customizer, where you can configure Frontpage settings with the ability to add sliders. About us section, music, video playlist section, and a call to action section. Under the theme options tab, there are additional customization options such as layout, breadcrumb, blog page excerpt, and much more.

The Music Freak theme includes several features and customization opportunities, which is very advantageous for a free theme.


Music Song is a music-inspired WordPress theme from Theme Palace.

Music Song is another music-inspired free WordPress theme from Theme Palace. With this theme perfect for musicians and bands, you can create an impressive online presence. With the large main full-width slider, you can capture your visitors’ interest directly.

Also, this theme comes packed with features that make it easy to customize pretty much everything to the theme. There are theme options with various options to tick. Among other things, several layout section options, pagination, and excerpts.

Furthermore, frontpage settings where you can activate sections like slider, about us, services, latest release, call to action, and much more.

Music Song is a theme that suits both WordPress beginners and more advanced users. If you are running out of options, there is also a Musicsong premium version.

Musical Vibe

Musical Vibe is a free compelling template from WEN Themes.

Musical Vibe is a free compelling WordPress music theme from WEN Themes that is suitable for all kinds of artists and bands. With this theme, you and your music can stand out from the crowd.

It’s a theme with a distinguished-looking full-width slider and spacious design, perfect for displaying your content to your fans.

Furthermore, it is a versatile theme with a lot of features and optimization possibilities via live customizer. You can enable options through the theme options, optimize header, layout, blog, footer, breadcrumb, etc.

With the Musical Vibe theme, you can supercharge and boost up your web presence to the fullest.

I had no problems whatsoever with creating an elegant and attractive website with this theme. So give the Musical Vibe theme a try and keep on rocking. For those who want more additional features and support, there is also a premium version.

Music Lite

Music Lite is a WP template from Organic Themes.

Music Lite is a free WordPress music theme from Organic Themes. It is an ideal theme for artists, musicians, bands, or all varieties of entertainment to present music and content in an artistic and inspirational behavior.

The theme comes with a beautiful dark and spacious design — bold and elegant typography. In the full-screen header, you can add eye-catching full-screen images or videos to boost your visitor’s first impression. Furthermore, you can also add tour dates if you have upcoming gigs or events.

In this light version of the Pro Music theme from Organic Themes, it is possible to configure the settings of the theme via the WordPress live customizer.

Some of the features included are the following: Responsive design, custom header, custom background, and menus: custom page templates, slideshow page template, category portfolio layout, pagination, and much more.

Music Lite is an artistic theme. Easy to set up and optimize. Excellent and useful features for a free theme. To all the artists and entertainers out there. Give this theme a test run.

Creativ Singer

Creativ Singer is a beautiful free theme from Creativ Themes

As the name implies on this free music theme, this is a suitable theme for all singers, artists, or bands to promote their music and products. Creativ Singer is a beautiful free theme from Creativ Themes with several standard and custom features included.

Furthermore, Creativ Singer comes with a dark elegant look and feel. It focuses entirely on music, which makes it perfect for all musicians and artists.

You find all the settings in the WordPress live customizer. In addition to a lot of theme options, you can also customize the homepage sections, header, colors, background, and much more.

Creativ Singer is a theme that is easy to create an attractive online presence that your audience and fans will appreciate. Also, it is a theme that is easy to customize to build your perfect music website.


Euphony is another free WordPress music theme from Catch Themes.

Euphony is another free WordPress music theme from Catch Themes. Whether you are an artist, musician, or band, this is a versatile theme that is perfect for the music industry.

The full-screen featured slider is a perfect place to display creative images or cool videos in an eye-catching way for your visitors. Euphony is indeed a free theme. However, there are a large number of theme options to customize the design, layout, and look of your music website.

Some features worth mention in the arsenal of options are the following: Theme options featured slider, hero content, homepage/frontpage options, layout options — furthermore, pagination option, search options, services, sticky playlist, plus much more.

I like the Euphony theme for its flexibility, and it is possible to create an impressive and great looking website with this theme. If you lack any features in the free version, it is possible to upgrade to Euphony Pro.


Deejay is a WordPress theme from Carolina Nymark.

Deejay is a WordPress theme from Carolina Nymark. The theme is designed with DJs, musicians, and events in mind. However, you can use this theme for all kinds of niches in the music industry.

The theme is responsive and adaptable and displays perfectly across all devices, no matter what screen size your visitors use. Furthermore, within the header media section, it is possible to display fullscreen videos or large attractive images. Deejay also uses audio and video post formats, which allows you to add and play your music to your visitors or fans.

All settings avaible are in the live customizer. With the theme options such as theme options, crew template settings, colors, menus, widgets, you can easily set up a website with a focus on music or events.

The Deejay theme does not contain as many features and options as many other themes in the list. However, it is an easy-to-use theme with great potential for creating an artistic website.

Surplus Concert

Surplus Concert is a WP theme by Surplus Themes.

The last theme in the list is Surplus Concert. It is a free WordPress theme by Surplus Themes. If you are an artist, musician, band, or planning events or concerts, then this is a perfect theme for you.

Surplus Concert is a great looking theme with a creative full-wide slider, perfect for viewing music videos. Within the live customizer, you can choose a wide or boxed design. Add a blog and about us section on the front page. Set global sidebar layout etc.

More features included in the theme are banner/slider sections, colors, layout options, menus, widgets, footer settings, and more.

Surplus Concert is an excellent theme for everyone in the music industry. I had no problem setting up a creative and good looking music inspired site with this theme. If you need more features and support, you can upgrade to Surplus Concert Pro.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, if you are in the music industry, whether you are an artist, musician, performer, or band, these free WordPress music themes can come in handy if you want to create a significant online presence.

I have personally tested all the themes on the list in a test environment (InstantWP). Some more feature-rich than others, some themes easier to customize, but overall, I have to say I manage to create stylish and attractive music-oriented test websites with all the WordPress music themes above.

Time for action! Grab one of the WordPress music themes, test it carefully in a test environment, or a staging site before you go live with your production site, and do not forget to keep on rocking.


Peter is the founder of WP Pluginsify. He is a big fan of WordPress and loves to write about WordPress. You find him here at WP Pluginsify all the time! Cheers!

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