Simple and Easy Themes for WordPress Beginners

9 Simple and Easy Themes for WordPress Beginners

If you’re new to WordPress, then the sheer variety of themes that are available to you can be quite daunting. It takes time to know which themes are best suited for your website, and how to differentiate between them based on their cost, features, and…

Moto Theme - WordPress Marketing Theme

Moto Theme – The Multipurpose WordPress Marketing Theme

Multipurpose WordPress themes came into existence keeping in mind the differing needs of various brands and agencies. A multipurpose website should have everything to suffice the needs of user and as well as the vendor: the site has to be responsive, should be able to…

Free WordPress Theme For Mobile Devices

Responsive II Theme: A General Review

With the world moving toward mobile-commerce, it has become essential to ensure that your business prospects are not affected due to inactive mobility to your site. Businesses must work across all devices and screen sizes to keep up with the demand of the urban consumer….

What Is Responsive Web Design?

The Specifics of Responsive Website Design Mobile devices and tablets have become increasingly popular when accessing the web. Small businesses are unable to remain competitive without a fully responsive website. The consumer wants the websites they visit to directly address their specific needs. An unresponsive…

Compact One WordPress Theme

Compact One Pro Plugin – To Power up Your Free Compact One WordPress Theme

These days One Page WordPress Themes are getting more utilized by various businesses, creative websites, agencies, and freelancers. These themes are not only user-friendly but they also have an elegant look and style. CyberChimps Compact One free WordPress theme has crossed over 600 active installs…