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9 Simple and Easy Themes for WordPress Beginners

If you’re new to WordPress, then the sheer variety of themes that are available to you can be quite daunting. It takes time to know which themes are best suited for your website, and how to differentiate between them based on their cost, features, and functionalities. Learning the ropes of a theme and how to use it most efficiently can also take some time.

However, there’s no need to worry, because WordPress also offers some really simple and easy-to-use themes for beginners who are yet to wrap their heads around how to use WordPress properly. In this article, we are listing out the 9 best simple and easy themes for WordPress beginners to start out their WordPress journey with.

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9 Simple Themes for WordPress Beginners

Before we get on with our list, a little piece of information about our theme selection. All these themes have a pre-designed homepage that’s created using Elementor, which is a popular WordPress page builder.

This means that you can simply add your homepage content to the pre-formatted template without having to spend time creating the layout and interface. So that’s half your work done for you right there! Now, without further ado, let’s get to our themes.

#1. Agency Elite – The One Page WordPress Theme for Agencies

Agency Elite - A One-Page WordPress Theme for Agencies.

Agency Elite is a one page WordPress theme from Cyberchimps that offers the perfect layout and functionality for any agency website, be it an IT company, a services company, corporate, software company or startup.

This theme offers an elegant and simple layout and design which requires no coding to operate. The one-page design allows you to capture your customers’ attention quickly and guide them straight to your services without diverting them to further internal pages.

#2. Solome – The Startup WordPress Theme

Solome - An elegant startup WordPress Theme.

If you own a startup or are looking to create your own personal brand and tell the world all about it, then Solome from Cyberchimps is the perfect theme for you. It has a simple layout that allows you to get mighty creative without actually having to learn even an ounce of coding!

The one-page design is smooth scrolling and helps you publicize your brand quickly and effectively. Whether you have your own startup, blog, or just want to create an online presence, Solome is the theme to have.

#3. Brito – The Premium One Page Business WordPress Theme

Brito - A One-Page WordPress Theme fo Business.

Brito is another WordPress theme from Cyberchimps that perfectly sums up your business website. Be it a company site, corporate site or startup, Brito is the perfect theme to create a professional and sophisticated web presence.

The pre-designed one-page layout is easy to customize with no coding experience or knowledge. The overall effect very business-like and professional.

#4. Corpora – The Premium Multipurpose Beginner WordPress Theme

Corpora - A Multipurpose Beginner WordPress Theme.

Corpora is a Multipurpose WordPress theme because it offers all the features that any website can need! So whether it is a photography website, startup website, personal website, blog, portfolio or services website, Corpora can incorporate all the functionalities to create the perfect one!

Adding to its versatile nature, Corpora is also quite easy to customize; you can simply move around the elements on the page to change the layout as per your liking. This makes it possible to create a unique website each time.

#5. Sentient – The Premium Multipurpose, Multi-page WordPress Theme

Sentient - A Premium Multipurpose, Multi-page WordPress Theme

Sentient is a premium theme from Cyberchimps that can be used to create a stunning multi-page website. It is perfect for showcasing your portfolio, displaying client testimonials and highlighting your services in detail. With a responsive design and elegant layout, Sentient looks great across all screen resolutions and sizes. It is a great theme for all kinds of websites.

#6. Solitair – The Bold One Page Premium WordPress Theme

Solitair - A Bold One-Page WordPress Theme.

Solitair is a stunning premium WordPress theme from Cyberchimps that offers a variety of features, making it a multipurpose and versatile theme. The bold colors, responsive design, beautiful typography, and numerous other customization options make Solitair a great theme for all kinds of websites. You can create a beautiful blog or showcase some stunning portfolio photos using Solitair’s pre-designed homepage.

#7. Travtale – The Premium Travel WordPress Theme

Travtale - A Creative Premium Travel WordPress Theme.

Travtale is another premium WordPress theme from Cyberchimps that offers stunning features that allow you to create a beautiful website. This theme is perfect for a travel blog or website, or even a photography website. It has some bold colors, beautiful typography and a responsive design that gives the same effect on all device screens and resolutions, allowing you to tell your travel tales effectively.

#8. Rivet – The One Page Interior WordPress Theme

Rivet - A One-Page Interior WordPress Theme.

Rivet is a one page WordPress theme from Cyberchimps that is perfect for an interior design or architect website. It offers many customizable features, an easily editable single homepage, and a responsive design. If you are an interior designer or architect, you can use Rivet to display your design portfolio to potential clients. The responsive design makes it possible to capture the essence of the website even on smaller screens.

#9. Strato – The Multi-page, Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Strato - A Multipurpose WordPress Theme.

Strato is a multi-page WordPress theme that can be used for a multitude of websites. For instance, it is perfect whether you own a corporate website, or a startup website, a personal website or even just a creative website. It has a responsive design which enables you to effectively showcase your work even on mobile screens, with additional customization options to boot. A truly versatile theme.

In Conclusion

As you know, all these themes come with pre-designed home pages created using Elementor. Hence, they are very easy to edit even if you have no knowledge of or experience in coding. All you need is the Elementor page builder and you’re good to go! Simply edit, replace, remove or change the position of the various elements on the homepage. Add your content and place it in any layout you see fit, and your very own unique website is ready!


Susmita is an engineer, a writer, and a dancer - not necessarily in that order! Ever since she discovered WordPress, she has not ceased to be amazed by how this community-driven platform brings people together - in more ways than one. And yes, she loves binge-watching movies!

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