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Responsive II Theme: A General Review

With the world moving toward mobile-commerce, it has become essential to ensure that your business prospects are not affected due to inactive mobility to your site. Businesses must work across all devices and screen sizes to keep up with the demand of the urban consumer. Are you new to handling your business over the internet and want to make sure that your website is mobile friendly?

Are you looking for a subtle but professional look for your website or blog to increase your reach to a mature audience? CyberChimps is armed to help you with the same.

WP Buffs

Say that you run your business on a WordPress site. Now to ensure that your site not just adjusts to each screen size, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile device, but looks equally good on each site, what do you do?

CyberChimps brings to you a new FREE theme- called the Responsive II or the Responsive Mobile theme.

CyberChimps brings to you a new FREE theme- called the Responsive II or the Responsive Mobile theme..

How Responsive II Looks Over Different Screens

So, What Exactly is the Responsive II Theme All About?

The Responsive II Theme from CyberChimps, also known as Responsive Theme, is a novel, extension them that is highly mobile-friendly. This free WordPress theme is slated to be suited for all kinds of sites- be it a corporate site, agency, IT company website, or business site.

The site is powered by the exceptional experience CyberChimps has with building themes for responsive designs. SEO-Optimized and robust but light framework are the vital highlights of this theme. Using the responsive mobile theme will definitely a visual appeal to your visitors and help boost your SERP rankings.

Responsive Theme II Features

1. Swift Loading

Being a mobile-first theme, a prerequisite of such a site would be to have a fast loading speed. The lightweight yet robust framework of the Responsive II Theme makes this possible. The site loads without taking up much tie on the devices using it or your server.

2. Fully Responsive Site

The free WordPress theme is built for being responsive first. Thus it carries a uniform look over all kinds of screens and resolutions. The content on the site is automatically adjusted according to the device, be it a tablet, a mobile phone or a desktop.

3. SEO-Optimized and Secure

CyberChimps’ products are known for their SEO friendliness and security. Designed for being a mobile as well as business site means that the WP theme is optimized for being secure and following the latest SEO guidelines.

4. Ample Customization

The Responsive II offers ample gateways to personalize your theme just the way you want it. The logo, CSS styles, home page, layouts as well as the theme elements can be customized as per your choice.

The Responsive II offers ample gateways to personalize your theme.

Customizing options in Responsive II Theme

5. Vast Widget Options

With a number of widget areas, you get a lot of space to offer visual information to your visitors easily. The widget options provided are the top and side widgets, the sidebar, the colophon widget and the footer widget area. This is how your site will look with the right widget use:

With a number of widget areas, you get a lot of space to offer visual information.

Using Widgets in Responsive II Theme

6. Background Image

You can add a background image of your choice with the theme. This lets you further customize your site with the right look you have in mind to keep your readers on your page longer.

7. Header Image

Similar to the background, you can customize the image on the header as well! An attractive header looks good across all kinds of screens and lets you maintain your originality. Also, choosing your own color theme that goes along with your business representative colors is smart!

Similar to the background, you can customize the image on the header as well!

Header Image Customization in Responsive II Theme

8. More Premium Features for Free

After so many features packed into one theme, what more could you ask for? Well Responsive II provides all this and even more! Let’s go through some other premium like but free options that the CyberChimps theme offers:

  • It is translation ready. Has options to translate your site into different languages.
  • Threaded comments can be showcased as team elements on the home page.
  • Different layouts with various template options available.
  • Supports RTL language.
  • Offers eCommerce sites a boost with support for WooCommerce– allowing you to monetize your site easily.
  • Call out section and call to action button available
  • Social media integration provided in team section for linking each profile to their social media page.
  • Retina ready for beautiful and sharp images, W3C markup validation provided.

In Conclusion

The Responsive II or Responsive Mobile Theme from CyberChimps not just looks great but also provides the following benefits:

  1. Easy navigation due to being built for being responsive and mobile-ready
  2. Lower loading speed
  3. Increased on-page time for viewers
  4. Social sharing opens doors for higher conversion rates

Thus, this free WordPress theme looks to be a great choice for corporate sites, portfolios or small businesses. With a plethora of customization options, it is guaranteed that your site with stand out among regular sites of similar types. Multilingual compatibility and WooCommerce extensions are added benefits! Everything you need for making a classy, yet clean and simple professional site is provided and can be utilized easily.

Whether you are a newbie in the online business or professional looking for something to make your site stand out, the Responsive II theme from CyberChimps could be your best bet! You can even take a demo of the theme and see if you like. Go take the theme for a spin today—it’s FREE!


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