Popping up windows, showing some offers, subscription, ads – these are the essential components of the whole popup marketing. Popups are the most compelling way to use for sales boom, catch and concentrate one’s mind on the offers on your site.

These are the most productive way to make users “hear your voice.” Popups help you to interact with your site visitors and switch them into your consumers.

Using popup widgets can significantly boost sales by capturing visitors’ attention, increasing lead generation, and providing an effective means of promoting special offers or discounts, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience on the website.

The easiest and most practical tools to gain more income on an eCommerce website and own a larger audience of online consumers.

What you need is to use your imagination and create effective working popups that will assure a reasonable sum of income to your online business. Make any popups – Contact and Subscription forms, Image, and Video popups include Social buttons to make it more accessible.

To be short, take the one that’s more profitable for your website structure and ideas and flourish your sales with clever popping out windows!

Still, doubt that popups are the trendiest and the most efficient tools in online marketing? Well, we have at least five reasons to convince you to use popups for sales boom!

Make it Prominent

Use Popups for Sales Boom - Make it Prominent

What are the most essential and the most productive things about popups?

The attractiveness and the way they can suddenly appear on your sight.

The design is always the most fundamental ingredient of anything in general, and the popups are not an exception. Think of every minor element when creating a popup, how it will look in the outcome of your popup, how your site visitors will like it. It is the most essential thing you should note when implementing something on your site.

You should consider the taste of your consumers and imagine what impression will your popup make on the site guests. Will they like it? Will it be convincing enough to make them do what you need? (like buy some goods).

After designing your popup, and making sure the guests are going to be in love with it, think about the way it will come up on the site. There are dozens of effects you can choose between for your popup glance. Pick the one you like the most, and make your popup glance as prominent as possible!

Catch the Moment

5 Reasons to Use Popups for Sales Boom

Besides the design and glance of the popup, there’s one more, very vital tip you should consider adding a popup on your site.

The right moment. Encounter the best time to show specific popups to your guests. Organize some statistics to find out the most crowdie period of the day on your site and display your offer with the popup to catch more attention and to evolve more consumers in your proposal.

Let’s say you’re proposing a discount for a subscription to your newsletter.

Create the Subscription popup, include a coupon code that the consumers will see after hitting “Subscribe now!”. It is the main process of creating a popup. Besides these chief points, you should also think of a motivating text that will convince the visitor to subscribe to your list. And the design, of course, keeps it always in mind.

Keep the Contact

Use Popups for Sales Boom - Keep the Contact

The consumer-seller relationships are always essential to any business you may think of. The site owners should always consider the suggestions, opinions, and why not, the feelings of the consumers.

It’s important to always show your care to them so that they know that you in no way ignore them.

High-Quality assistance is one of the main principles of any business and any other sphere. You should have a support team that’s always ready to provide proper assistance to your consumers, answering their various questions, providing the essential info, and introducing the news you have.

The best and most compelling method to show the help offer is a Contact form popup. It should be something obvious and straightforward. A perfect solution will be including images of your support assistants to provide more trust among your consumers. Add the popup on all your pages, but make it appear only once for every visitor. It will be perfect, and you won’t irritate your consumers.

Offers on Point

Offers on Point

Knowing your consumers, you’ll reach higher success than you can imagine.

Learn the preferences of your consumers. You can have your statistics to find what your consumers are most interested in and make your offers accordingly.

Alluring offers of gifts and discounts are always a great way to get more income and get more subscribers, that’s true.

The essential thing you must regard when making an offer to your consumers is to encounter the needs of your consumers and offer something they can’t resist to accept.

So, if you’re running a website based on eCommerce business, it’s obvious that you should offer the consumers something related to eCommerce business. And what can be better than an eBook on eCommerce business? It will attract them and motivate them to subscribe to your newsletter for a free eBook to develop their skills.

Think of a motivating text to include in the popup, to make your offer more alluring, like:

“Get Free eBooks to Develop Your Skills!”

It’s also important to mention details about your offer in the popup. Like, what they will get after subscribing to your list? Well, it could be perfect to offer monthly eBooks that would be sent to their email addresses if they subscribe to your list:

“Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive monthly eBooks.”

Stop and Attract

Stop and Attract

Popups are, in general, “attention-catchers.” You need almost no effort to attract someone with a popup. The popup pops up, and that’s it, it automatically attracts the visitor.

The trick is to make it cleverly constructed, make it on point, and show it at the best sufficient moment possible!

The best way to display a proposal and make the visitor hang on your site longer is to show it on exit intent.

When a user is going to leave your site without buying anything, or completing some other action on your website, that’s the perfect moment to show your proposal with an exit-intent popup. It is a 100% guaranteed way to make sure the visitor sees your offer. If it’s cleverly constructed and productive enough, you can be sure you have attracted your visitor. And the probability that he/she will turn into your consumer from a simple site guest.


Hopefully, these five reasons were enough to convince you that popups are the ultimate tools to help you flourish your income and have a growing online business.

Of course, there are thousands of more heavy reasons that will change your view regarding the effectiveness of popups. But these 5 were the essential ones, from my point of view. Implement these tips and get a guaranteed sales boom on your eCommerce!


My name is Ani. I'm a Content Writer at Popup Maker. We are specialized in marketing pop-ups to help our users boost their sales with the use of popups.

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