Do you properly optimize the content that you are using in the WordPress site? It is a very important aspect to be on the top of the search engine results.

Do you know that 80% of the B2B marketers are dependent on the content marketing strategy? Therefore, you can understand the importance of the proper optimization of the content in a blog.

Remember that using only WordPress will not going to help you out unless you are using proper plugins and other optimization tricks. It is beyond the doubt that WordPress among all webmasters stands tall when it comes to content optimization. It helps you to display and promote the content in a proper manner.

Using the right plug-in is one of the hidden tricks to get success when it comes to content optimization.

In today’ post, I will discuss 7 such tricks of WordPress Content Optimization. I challenge that if you can utilize the following tricks properly, nothing can stop your posts to come on the top.

Use Premium WordPress Themes

We recommend using premium WordPress Themes.

We all believe that all that comes for free are not bad all the time but when it comes to professional use, it is better to stay away from the free. It is the same with the themes. If you are looking for proper content optimization, I will suggest going for premium themes such as:

These will help you to stay away from several optimization issues like configuring the meta and title tags.

Proper SEO Plugin

As I mentioned earlier in the post that plug-ins can do wonder when it comes to optimizing the content in WordPress. If you will talk about the best optimization tool then you cannot miss the Yoast SEO plugin.

You can imagine the popularity of this plug-in from the number of reviews itself.

One of the best optimization tool is the Yoast SEO plugin.

Image Source – Neil Patel

Apart from the help in putting meta and other title tags, the plugin will help you with followings too:

  • Page analysis tool.
  • Technical WordPress Search Engine Optimization.
  • XML Sitemaps functionality.

So, next time if you are looking for a plug-in to optimize your content, go for the latest version of the Yoast.

Optimizing Content Keywords

Why do you want to optimize the content? Obviously, your answer will be to be on the search engine top. But remember, your post will only come if it contains the relevant keywords and phrases in proper positions.

Therefore, it is very important to optimize your content with the proper keyword. You must incorporate the keywords and phrases in the title, header tags, alt tags of the images and in the body.

You must remember, that Google robot searches for keywords mostly in these above-mentioned areas. Therefore, if you can properly optimize these key points in these sections, you can surely make a mark, when it comes to rank on the top of the search engines.

Image Optimization Is Also Important

One of the imperative sections of your content optimization is images.

One of the imperative sections of your content optimization is Images. Images are those entities to which visitors used to get hooked.

It is possible that your post contains a number of beautiful images. So do not waste the opportunity. Optimize those images with the proper keyword and key phrases.

Apart from that, you must look at the image sizes too. Remember that a big image file increases the load time so it will be better if you will optimize it properly to diminish the load time.

You can use the plug-ins such as Smush Image Compression and Optimization or ShortPixel Image Optimization for automation of the image optimization.

Get the Difference of Page and Post Content in WordPress

Primarily, WP gives you two different sections to put content in a site and these are Page & Post.

Pages are those sections which usually used as the landing page of the website. Posts is that section, which is predominantly used for blogging purpose.

Remember, these two are a different section, so the approach of posting content as well as optimizing them should be different.

When you are optimizing the content in WP, remember for which section you are going to optimize.

Frequent Optimization Is Often Helpful

Frequent optimization of your Content in WordPress is inevitable.

Do you remember when did you optimize your content last time? Cannot remember? Then, you are losing your business for sure.

Remember, Google is updating the robot at a regular interval. If you will not optimize the content according to the latest rank algorithm robot, you are surely going to miss the opportunity.

Apart from that, every new day, new contents are being submitted into the search engine. Hereby it becomes really important to do some frequent optimization to be in the league.

Remember, only those contents rank top which is praised by audiences. In order to get an appreciation of the audience, you need to give them something new all the time.

Thus, frequent optimization of your Content in WP is inevitable.

Use the Upgraded Version

When it comes to content optimization, you must remember, that your development back end plays an important role. If you are using the outdated versions of WP or PHP while developing, it is very difficult to get rank.

Remember Google always looks for good content but focuses on better user experience.

Thus, if you will use outdated versions, it will be very difficult to get the ranks. So, go for the latest version of the tool and software only.

Final Words

While it comes to content optimization in WordPress, you must focus on the different aspects.

Remember that content optimization is not rocket science. Those contents of your competitors, which are currently ranking are the result of research and implication of the right method.

If you will address the issues that I have mentioned in this post, I am 100% sure that you will get a good rank too.


Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ethane Technologies. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.

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