If you are wondering about adding attractive badges on your WooCommerce products and making your audience easily distinguish the latest products of your store, featured products, best selling products and so on, then you don’t have to look elsewhere.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss some of the fantastic WooCommerce badge manager plugins to create and manage promotional badge for your Woo products easily. You can assign different offers on your badges like discounts, % off, trendings, sale and so on.

By doing so, you can not only boost the conversions of your product but also make your product listing more informative and attractive to your visitors.

So, in a nutshell, badge manager plugins are different. They are not your staple WooCommerce plugins like WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping and WooCommerce Order Export.

With these two, you enable features necessary for every store owner. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping allows for the creation and usage of advanced shipping rules and calculating shipping based on weight, destination, quantity, and cart total. Its most notable feature is surely the one enabling you to apply shipping rules to logged-in users only, but the other features included are also worthy of attention – including handling fees, unique shipping method names, shipping classes, importing and exporting of shipping methods, and so on.

WooCommerce Order Export on the other hand is dedicated to exporting order data. This process is very important to all of you wanting to keep your WooCommerce store in check. Using the plugin, you can automatically export order data in CSV format to your inbox or through FTP as well as filter that data. The same exports can be copied between stores which is, of course, a big plus as well.

What Are the Features That You Might Look for in a WooCommerce Badge Manager Plugin?

Before we go through the list, let’s talk about some of the main features that you should not miss while choosing a WooCommerce Badge Manager plugin. These features are mandatory if you want to make your badges useful to promote your products.

Responsiveness: Nowadays, many users surf the internet using mobile and tablets. So, to display your badges clearly to all type of viewing devices, it must be fully responsive.

Design: The design of your promotional badge can play a pivotal role in grabbing the attention of your users. So, to display your badges effective on your WooCommerce website, the template/layout you choose is essential.

Customization Options: Another crucial feature for a WooCommerce badge designer plugin is the customization options. It will allow you to personalize your promotional badges and display them on any position as per your preference.

Documentation and Support: There can be many users who are beginners and may find difficulties while using the plugin. So, to help them use the plugin smoothy, well-written documentation and extensive support are required.

Best WooCommerce Badge Manager Plugins to Boost the Sales of Your Online Store

Now let’s talk about some of the most popular and highly rated WooCommerce plugins to design responsive badges for your webshop. These plugins are well tested and handpicked after examining their functionalities, usability, and popularity.

Moreover, these plugins are also well maintained (updated regularly) by their owners and are compatible with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce.

With that being said, let’s check out these plugin in details:

Woo Badge Designer

Woo Badge Designer. It is a feature-rich WooCommerce plugin

Our first pick for the collection is Woo Badge Designer. It is a feature-rich WooCommerce plugin that contains all the options required to provide proper management for your promotional badge. It comes with 60+ beautifully designed text and image templates to choose the most suitable badge layout for your product list. Besides, you can also select any of the six inbuilt positions to insert the badge on the products.

It is a highly customizable plugin that is packed with tons of options to personalize the badges as per your preference. You can set a custom color for the title, badge background, and badge corner background.

Additionally, you can add a countdown timer along with the badges to allow your audience to know the exact date and time for the expiry for your offers. The plugin contains ten inbuilt templates for the countdown timer, and you can place it at six different locations.

Major Features of Woo Badge Designer:

  • Create and Add Unlimited Promotional Badges.
  • 30 Beautifully Designed Text Background Badge Templates.
  • Thirty inbuilt Image Background Badge Templates.
  • 10 Pre-designed Timer Templates.
  • Add Tooltips (Short Information) on Badges.
  • Color Customization Options for Badge Title, Background, Tooltips, and Timer.
  • 6 Different Positions to Setup your Promotional Badges and Countdown Timer.
  • Live Preview to View All the Changes Live.

Price: $24

Live Preview | Get Woo Badge Designer

Improved Sale Badge

Improved Sale Badge ia plugins to replace the default “SALE!” badge.

Another pick for our list is Improved Sale Badge. It is one of the most exceptional WooCommerce Badge Manager plugins to replace the default “SALE!” badge with beautiful and responsive SVG graphics badges. It contains 30+ unique badge collection that can be fully customized and inserted on your WooCommerce product to highlight your offers and enhance its conversions.

The plugin is built with a live customizer that allows you to view the preview of all the changes you have made. Additionally, you can add the scheduled sale counters to set up the expiry date of your offers on the products list to let your audience know the exact time when the offer ends.

Major Features of Improved Sale Badge:

  • 30+ Attractive Sales Badge Collection.
  • Insert Sale Percentage and Money Saved on Badges.
  • Display Scheduled Sale Counters.
  • Override Badges for Each Product.
  • Setup Various Color Combinations for Badges.
  • Set Different Preset to your eCommerce Products.
  • Unlimited Badge Combinations.
  • 3 Different Stylings for Single Badge Display Options.

Price: $27

Live Preview | Get Improved Sale Badge

Badge Management for WooCommerce

Badge Management for WooCommerce

Badge Management for WooCommerce is a premium WooCommerce plugin to create and manage badges for your online store. It contains different customization options to add custom text, color, dimension, and position. Additionally, the plugin provides some default image badges to add the promotional badges on your products quickly.

It is an ultimate plugin that contains the feature to add your badges category wise and tag wise. Therefore, you can set your badge to all the products present on a category/tag in a single click. Apart from that, the plugin is multilingual and allows you to translate your offer text on different languages.

Major Features of Badge Management for WooCommerce:

  • Add Image Badge or Text Badge on your products.
  • 9 Different Image Badge Templates to Choose from.
  • Option to Upload Custom Badges.
  • Add Custom Text on Text Badge.
  • Edit the Colors, Font Size, and Line Height of your Badge.
  • Different Badge Position Options.
  • Different Badge Dimension.
  • Show/Hide “On Sale” Badge As Per your Choice.

Price: $38

Live Preview | Get Badge Management for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Badge Manager

WooCommerce Badge Manager is a plugin to add badges for your WooCommerce shop.

If you are looking for a highly rated plugin for WooCommerce Badge Management then, WooCommerce Badge Manager is one of them. It is an excellent plugin to create and add ideal promotional badges for your WooCommerce shop. The plugin comes with different customization options to set the badge text, color, margin, rotate badge image, etc. on your badges.

It is a highly customizable and configurable badge manager plugin that provides you full control over the management of your promotional badge. You can add the countdown timer for each of your badges with a custom expiry time. Additionally, you can view the preview of all the configurations and customizations you have made before adding them to your products.

Major Features of WooCommerce Badge Manager:

  • Create an Unlimited Number of Badges.
  • Add Badges on Single, Multiple, Category Wise, or Product Wise.
  • Fetch the Preview of the Badge Before Adding to Products.
  • Set the Days Limit for Latest Product Badge.
  • Option to Add Countdown Timer on Badges.
  • Custom Background Color and Border Radius.
  • Custom Height and Width of Badge Image.
  • Edit/Delete Any Badges.

Price: $29

Live Preview | Get WooCommerce Badge Manager

YITH WooCommerce Badge Management

This is one of the best selling management addons.

Last but not least, the find pick for the collection is YITH WooCommerce Badge Management. This is one of the best selling WooCommerce badge management plugins to insert a badge on your products to highlight offers, discounts, best sellers, trending products, etc. It comes with an option to automatically insert your badges for on sale products, featured products and out of stock products of your online shop.

It is an easy to use plugin that consists of flexible settings to display your promotional badges. You can set up your badges for a single product, multiple products, category wise or according to the ship classes of the products. Moreover, you can upload your custom badge and insert them to your products.

Major Features of YITH WooCommerce Badge Management:

  • Create Unlimited Badges.
  • Multiple Badge Templates.
  • Add Badges for Single/Multiple Product, or Category Wise.
  • Assign Badge as per Shipping Classes.
  • Upload Custom Badges.
  • Set Anchor Point for Drag and Drop.
  • Automatically Setup Badges for “On Sale,” “Featured” and “Out of Stock” Products.
  • Setup Limit Days for Latest Product Badges.

Price: $68

Live Preview | Get YITH WooCommerce Badge Management

Wrapping Up

So, these are the best 5 WooCommerce badge manager plugins available. These plugins contain beautifully designed templates and tons of options to customize and configure your badges.

Also, they come with well-written documentation and extensive support to the newbies that might face difficulties using the plugin. So, if you want to add a WooCommerce badge on your product, then you can use any of the plugins mentioned above at a reasonable price.

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