WordPress is one of the best and the most efficient CMS in the world and many websites are operating on WP because of the ease of use. Everybody can use this content management system with the help of some basic coding knowledge as there are plugins available for almost every function on the site of WordPress.

One of the best plugins for commercial websites is AP Pricing Tables plugin from AccessPress Themes. This plugin can be used to create beautiful content rich tables for your website for all the services you are offering on your website. Making a sale online is hard but if you have the right content and display it in an attractive way, the leads are generated in no time. It is very important to make a comparative table to make your clients aware of all your services and their pricing.

AP Pricing Tables Plugin

If all the options and their prices are displayed in an easy to read table form, the time of the client is not wasted in trying to find what each package or service offers. This is where the AP Pricing Tables plugin comes into the picture. It is packed with many amazing features which make your website even more appealing than it already is. This is a premium plugin for WordPress but the multiple features it offers are completely worth the money. There are many free plugins available in the market but it is very important to choose and invest wisely in your website considering the long term benefits of the plugins.

35 Predesigned Templates

AP Pricing Tables Plugin

This plugin is a responsive plugin with an intuitive interface to help you present your services in the most efficient manner. It has 35 predesigned templates in attractive formats and visually appealing designs which will add more value to your site. There are 5 ribbon templates available in the plugin which can be used to color code the services. You can customize the tables in terms of rows, columns, height, width, borders etc. without any coding knowledge.

The best part about this plugin is that it allows you to add images, video, audio, and Google maps in your tables to make them even more comprehensive. There are other options like header, footer, and duplication which make the whole process easier. The table supports multiple fonts and icons so you can choose the font which suits the basic design of your blog template or website. You can preview the created table easily with the preview option available in the plugin.

Once you have created a table with this plugin, you can easily insert it in any post or page with a simple copy and paste method. A shortcode is generated which will display the table wherever the shortcode is displayed. There is an option to export the table also to an excel sheet to save it for future use. Whether your target audience is mobile or desktop users, these tables are completely responsive so they adapt to the size of the device being used. You can also highlight your best services or the most affordable packages with a red ribbon to make your customers aware about the offers going on your website.

AP Pricing Tables Features

AP Pricing Tables Plugin

To sum up all the benefits of this responsive AP Pricing Tables plugin, here is the list of all the features this plugin offers:

  • Fully responsive table designs with 35 pre-designed attractive templates
  • Option to add multiple rows, columns, and fonts
  • Easy to import into any blog post or website page with a shortcode
  • The tables adapt to the size of the device used i.e. mobile or desktop
  • Allows addition of video, audio, and Google maps in various formats like Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud etc.
  • It is easy to highlight the best offers and services with a red ribbon
  • There are various colored ribbon templates available to create customized tables
  • The plugin is affordable and completely worth the features it offers.

AP Pricing Tables plugin is one of the easiest and most responsive plugins available in WordPress to display your tables in an attractive manner. It makes it easy to add a comparison table to your website with all your products with their pricing so that the potential clients can choose the one offer which is best for them after analyzing all the pros and cons of the services.

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